{Cover Art Revealed} A Peek At Spring 2014 Line-Up with Epic Reads!

It's my favorite time of the publishing season...catalog time!
When there are new catalogs being released from the various publishers, we're treated to early looks at gorgeous covers, as well as given synopsis tidbits for the great stories coming our way!

HarperCollins has been slowly leaking out covers from their catalog, and this week during #TeaTime, Epic Reads released the last of the covers. 

Check out all 36 covers in their massive round-up!

These are my favorites from the collection:

I love the way the letters are tree branches!
I just can't stop staring at this cover!

I don't know why I like this one so much. Maybe its simplicity? I love the letter shaping in the tag line, and the way the title is in a dialogue box (clever pun!), and I really like the coloring!

I like the taped blurb and the way the plug is forming a heart! It's just fun!

I like the way the title/author are hiding until you rip away the paper. I also love the sharpy title and heart!

I just think this one will be a stunner in person! Looks like there's going to be a lot of eye-popping silver foil! I love the curly title and all the detail going on in the design. There's not much I don't like about this cover!

I'm a fan of all three of the covers in this series. This and the first one tie as favorites. And she finally looks HAPPY, doesn't she!?

And these are the ones I most want to read:

Because it is Leah Cypess. And assassins. And Leah Cypess!
I have been wanting this one since I first saw the publishing deal, which feels like forever ago!
(Review: NIGHTSPELL, Guest Post with Leah!)

I just finished Kimberly Derting's The Pledge Trilogy (Review: THE PLEDGE, THE ESSENCE, and THE OFFERING to come!), which I really enjoyed, so I'm eager to start a new series from her!

I really enjoyed Jodi Lynn Anderson's TIGER LILY (review), and this cover is so pretty that I'm immediately intrigued for more from this author!

Which covers are YOUR favorites?
Which ones are YOU dying to read??


  1. All the recent cover reveals are making my TBR list explode! I LOVE the covers for the Selection series, and The One is my favorite because she does look happy. :) The face of the Vanishing season is so enigmatic; I want to know the significance of the butterflies and all the other decorative items. Vivian Divine is Dead has a striking cover, and (Don't You) Forget About Me makes me shiver with its creepiness.

    As you already know, I really like covers.


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