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Alanna is the blogger behind the fantastic book review blog The Flashlight Reader.  She's also a fellow mermaid lover!

This year, Alanna has graced us yet again with another uproariously funny post for Splash.  

Last year, she posted about The Top 5 Reasons to Be a Mermaid! She also did a guest post during the first year of Splash about Weeki Wachee Springs! I'm honored to host a post from her for the third year running! She's also previously posted a non-Splash related post entitled Updating Cinderella into Modern Times. Alanna is one of my favorite bloggers, and I always love when she stops over to visit!

Alanna always reviews some great books and loves fairy tales and mermaids as much as I do, so make sure you check her blog out!

Visit her blog The Flashlight Reader and follow her on Twitter!

Top Mermaid Vacation Spots 

by The Flashlight Reader

We all know how crazy planning a vacation can be. You have to account for the weather, meals, and attractions. If you travel with kids, there is a whole other level of preparation involved that often leaves the parent(s) feeling like they need a vacation from their vacation.

But what if you were a mermaid? What would it be like to plan a vacation for someone with fins instead of feet? In addition to finding special accommodation, you have to prepare for the whole “blending in” with the locals since being labeled a tourist would cause quite a stir in the news.

I think it goes without saying that our aquatic friends need special consideration for their vacation needs. As a (recently self-proclaimed) travel agent for merfolk, I am declaring the top 5 vacation spots for anyone that dwells below the ocean’s waves. And if you don’t naturally sprout fins when in contact with salt water, don’t fret. I doubt anyone would notice you wearing your homemade set if you chose to visit these places as well!

Obviously, the first choice for merfolks would be MERMAID BEACH, Australia. I mean, it has mermaid in the name after all! That alone says everything. It’s the perfect spot to watch surfers, ship fruity drinks from coconuts, shop, or relax in the sand. If the more secluded island resort is more your thing, you can swim a few miles up the Golden Coast and relax on Lagoon Island.

For those mermaids living state side, what better place to celebrate your heritage than the Coney Island Mermaid Parade? You can bare as little (or as much) as you want during this annual event. Plus, no one will be the wiser if your “costume” looks extra authentic. In fact, you may end up being the face of next year’s event poster! Coney Island is such a natural choice for blending in with odd scenery. I don’t think I need to mention the merbooks that feature this locale as a setting, do I? (But in case you live under a rock, The Vicious Deep series features Coney Island as the setting—because weird blends in at Coney Island.)

Next up is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Another great place to blend in (and maybe earn some extra spending cash while you’re at it) is at the Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Of course, it is hard to keep mermaids in the same place for too long, so this gig is only good through September 5, 2013.

Maybe you prefer to actually be paid in clams? That’s not a problem either. You could moonlight as the main attraction at The Seafood House. Hey, the restaurant boasts having “live” and “real” mermaids swimming in the lagoon, so why not capitalize on that? Who is going to know the difference, right?

Another great place for merfolk to visit is sunny Florida. I’m personally proud of my home state’s rich heritage, and we don’t leave out the sea dwelling residents of our coast either! In fact, we love all things mermaid so much that we have a park dedicated to them. Maybe you’ve heard of Weeki Wachee Springs? If you haven’t, it’s time you came out from the depths of the ice caves. After all, it’s the only city of live mermaids this side of the Atlantic!

If mingling with other mermaids and mermen is your thing, then look no further! Florida will be hosting the 2013 Merpalooza on the Gulf Coast this August. You can splash around in the pool, mingle with merfolk from all around the world, or just hang your shells out to dry for a bit. Pretty much anything goes here.

Maybe you want to take a break from the beaches and swimming on your vacation. Have no fear! You can do that in Vegas! Mermaid’s Casino will have you blending in with all the colorful scenery in no time! Plus, it gives you a chance to partake in some finer cuisine—fried Oreos and Twinkies! (Try finding those under the deep blue sea!)

So if you’re worried about giving up your secret, fret not! You can still party like it’s 1999 without blowing your clam shells. Just take my advice, and visit one of the mermaid friendly locations above. And for those of you always looking to spot a mermaid, have your camera ready! You never know when the real deal may saunter by.

Is anyone else ready to book Alanna as a travel agent? 
I know I am!


  1. Thanks for having me, Bonnie! I'm excited to get more mermaid books on my radar since I've read through all of the ones at my local library! I think the people in the YA department think I'm a major creeper by now. :P

  2. Great post!!! Mermaids are at my local aquarium.. I really need to go and check them out!

  3. The picture of the mermaids reminded me of my childhood, as weird as it may sound. I had a fascination with Disney's character, the little mermaid.
    Nice post by the way!
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