New Feature: A Twist in the Tail!

You may be wondering whatever happened to my weekly feature Mythological Mondays. I decided that, rather than also introduce a weekly fairy tale feature, which will become too much for me, I'll just roll everything up together into a feature that also embraced fairy tales, mermaids, classic novel retellings, etc.

A Twist in the Tail was born!

One of my talented friends created this awesome banner for me in Photoshop. Mike, thank you again for making it look so great and just as twisty as I wanted! ♥

Look for the first entry tomorrow! To start everything off with a bang, I have a review, interview, and guest post for you from one of 2013's debut authors!

...Who do you think it will be!? ^.~

Mythological Mondays, RIP!


  1. I will MM because I do love my mythology, but I also love fairytales and all things magical. Great idea!


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