Pictures from BEA Start Here!

Hey bookworms!

Today, I leave for the Book Expo of America at the Javits Center to NYC.

I'm planning to take a bunch of pictures to share with everyone staying at home so they can virtually experience BEA.

(ATTEMPT is the keyword. I'm still new to Pinterest to begin with, and still have to put the app on my phone and learn how to use that!)

I'm also hoping to go to various author events off-site, so they'll be included.

I'm really excited!

If you're going to BEA, too, stop and say hi if we bump into one another! ^_^

And don't forget...

If you don't work in the book industry, you can STILL attend BEA this coming Saturday at a reduced rate of $49 as a Power Reader!

As a Power Reader, you can...

*Discover new and upcoming books before they hit the stands
*See and meet the hottest authors
*Talk to publishers about favorite books
*Mix and mingle with other book lovers and share your passion for reading
*Get autographs and advanced reads of unique books (quantities limited)
*Get tons of giveaways from exhibitors
*Enjoy a day in New York City!

If I didn't have two connections to the book industry, I'd definitely take advantage of the Power Reader deal! If you're close enough to spend a day (or two) in NYC and can afford to do so, I highly recommend becoming a Power Reader!