Girls in Sports Week: Schedule of Events

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Today, I'm really excited to unveil a special week-long event, GIRLS IN SPORTS! 

I read a bunch of books in a row last month and discovered that they all had one big thing in common: athletic girls! It's rare to see girls playing down and dirty sports in literature. It's more common to see sporty girls doing dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, or ice skating than it to see them playing soccer, baseball, or yes, even football. I was shocked to stumble across three authors in a row--THREE!--with "non-traditional" sporty girls. It was a breath of fresh air, too. As great as all sports are, there are so many overlooked in fiction, and girls want to read about themselves. I was so inspired that I decided to put together a week-long event in celebration of all the sporty girls out the

Stop back throughout the week for reviews, guest posts, and more for you.  I hope you have as much fun as me for the next week!  Stop back every day to see something new!  

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Girls in Sports: Schedule of Events
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*{Guest Post} "Dream Big or Go Home" by Liz Fichera, author of HOOKED 
*{Review} HOOKED by Liz Fichera

May 20th:
*{Review Redux} CATCHING JORDAN by Miranda Kenneally
*{Review} STEALING PARKER by Miranda Kenneally

May 21st:
*{Guest Post} "Why Sports?" by Pretty Tough Series Co-Author Keri Mikulski
*{Review} Pretty Tough Web Series

May 22nd:
*{Interview} Author Miranda Kenneally's Sport-astic Interview
*{Review} THINGS I CAN'T FORGET by Miranda Kenneally

May 23rd:
*{Guest Post} Playing Like a Girl by Janet Gurtler, author of HOW I LOST YOU
*{Review} HOW I LOST YOU by Janet Gurtler

May 24th:
*{Guest Post} Sarah Skilton on Martial Arts and the Inspiration for BRUISED
*{Review} BRUISED by Sarah Skilton 

May 25th:
*{Guest Post} Writing about Girls in Sports with Jennifer Iacopelli, author of GAME. SET. MATCH.
*{Movie Review} Whip It

May 26th:

*Sporty One to Watch: Excerpt from RACING SAVANNAH by Miranda Kenneally
*Sporty One to Watch: Interviewing Simone Elkeles, Author of WILD CARDS

The last day, boo!
I had a lot of fun this past week, and hope you did as well!