{Vlog} Spotlighting 10 Fairy Tale Anthologies

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Spotlighting 10 Fairy Tale Anthologies

There are so many fairy tale anthologies out there right now.  Some are brand-new, some are coming soon, and others have been around for a while.  Two of them are a little more Mother Goose or classic children's fiction and not really fairy tales, but they're close enough, and you're still going to want them as much as I did, I'm sure! ^.~

At first, I was only going to feature a couple of them and do full-reviews, but I can post a review anytime.  Instead, I decided to feature as many anthologies as I could because I just couldn't choose! 

Did I miss any titles?  Let me know in the comments!

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List of Titles Featured:

( . . ) indicates the start-time of when the title is featured in the video
*All titles are linked to Goodreads if you click them!

*(1.22.88) RAGS & BONES:New Twists on Timeless Tales (Coming from Little, Brown on Oct. 22, 2013)
*(1.41.19) GRIM (Coming from Harper Teen in 2014)
*(2.37.45) TWISTED FAIRY TALES by Maura McHugh
*(5.09.71) WONDERS OF THE INVISIBLE WORLD by Patricia K. McKillip (And a brief glimpse of her other, fairy tale-esque, full-length novels)


  1. well for not liking anthologies, you've got a nice little collection going there! Plus your Annotated Fairy tales! Bet they take a shelf all their own. Thanks for this vlog. I didn't know about Rag and Bone, just pre-ordered it and looked for Happily Ever After on Better World. They're out but I'll look for it again. Great Vlog! My FTF TBR grows....



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