Fairy Tale Crafts

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If you're crafty, you're always looking for something fun and original.  Whether it's jewelry, pillows, house decorations, etc., we're obsessed with making pretty things.

Children are, too!  It's great finding crafts that both children and adults can enjoy.

Some of the designs are totally doable, while others are just mouth-wateringly incredible to look at.  I  only wish I had the skills for some of these designs!

I compiled a total of 21 (so far!) Pinterest pins, but here's a tantalizing taste at what some artists have turned out!

If I thought I'd wear it, I'm in love with the Disney Princess hair pieces.  I also want to buy a picture book entitled THE FAIRY-TALE PRINCESS: Seven Classic Stories from the Enchanted Forest by Wendy Jones and Su Blackwell now because that castle!  If you can make a castle out of paper like that and have it come out so beautifully, what must all of the other paper illustrations in the book look like!?

 What are your favorite fairy tale crafts worth sharing?


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