Stunning Trailer Reveal for ICONS by Margaret Stohl

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES has ended, and co-authors Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia are now working on their own projects.  Earlier this week, publisher Little, Brown and Garcia revealed the cover to her new series Legion, the first of which is called UNBREAKABLE.

Today, Little, Brown shared a book trailer for Stohl's ICONS, the first in the same-titled series.

This trailer looks like it could be a movie, you guys!

YouTube Link

What are your thoughts?  Will you read either of these?

Ghosts and aliens aren't my personal cups of tea, but Little, Brown has really found a way to promote both series as they come off the high created last month during the debut of the BEAUTIFUL CREATURES movie.


  1. Ohmygosh it looks so good! Like, WOW. I haven't been very into the book scene for a while but this book seems like a must read to me. I agree- the trailer is really well done. Thanks for sharing!


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