{Guest Review} Chasm of Books reviews ENTWINED by Heather Dixon

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Stephanie runs the book review blog Chasm of Books.  COB is only a month old, but already full of great reviews--including some fun fairy tale ones!

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A Review of ENTWINED by Heather Dixon

ENTWINED was absolutely enchanting and unlike anything I've ever read before. I could hardly put the book down. 

I’ve never actually read The Twelve Dancing Princesses and went into ENTWINED with ignorant eyes. I still haven’t read the Grimm fairytale so I have nothing to really compare this to. 

The book is about twelve princesses who, in the midst of the mother’s loss, escape the palace so they can secretly dance the night away. But, of course, things don’t go as planned. 

Somehow, the writing is probably the most graceful I’ve ever seen. What I mean by that isn’t that she’s the best writer I’ve ever read; it’s just her style. It feels like one continuous, flowing dance. 

The characters are fun and easy to love. I'm not sure which one was my favorite. There was hardly ever a dull part. The author just made me fall in love with the princesses and didn’t really give me any other choice. The girls were so very lovable. At first, the King seems like a hard man but even then there's a hint of gentleness about him. Despite everything, I never doubted that he cared about his daughters. There were times when I became so frustrated that the girls couldn’t see what I could. 

I surprisingly enjoyed the suitors in ENTWINED  they are absolutely charming, even if they all aren’t so charming at first. You have to give some of them a chance, just like the girls had too. My favorite among them was probably Lord Bradford. I liked him the very moment he was introduced. 

Now, onto my favorite character, Keeper. He was originally portrayed as a graceful and kind, if not mysterious, man; which was actually unexpected. I found him to be the one element in the story that always seemed unpredictable. Somehow, in just a few sentences, the author managed to turn the tables and made me realize how dangerous he really was. But his character didn’t lose any of his previously established grace. 

All of the characters seem to, in some way, have this grace about them no matter how they were described. (Again, probably because of the writing style; but I found it to be a wonderful, unique touch.) 

ENTWINED is filled with love but not so much that I got bored with the same thing over and over again. There were a few instances when it was filled with what I suppose you would call, frightening images. They weren't gory or anything like that, but it was just so different from the rest of the book that it sent chills down my arms and neck. 

Whatever you do, definitely give ENTWINED a chance.

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O F F I C I A L   I N F O:
Books by Jocelyn Koehler:

Author: Heather Dixon
Release Date: Out March 29, 2011
Publisher: Greenwillow Books / HarperCollins

Azalea is trapped. Just when she should feel that everything is before her . . . beautiful gowns, dashing suitors, balls filled with dancing . . . it's taken away. All of it. 

The Keeper understands. He's trapped, too, held for centuries within the walls of the palace. And so he extends an invitation. 

Every night, Azalea and her eleven sisters may step through the enchanted passage in their room to dance in his silver forest. 

But there is a cost. 

The Keeper likes to keep things. 

Azalea may not realize how tangled she is in his web until it is too late


  1. Oh man, I loved this book. It is one of my favorite retellings from The twelve dancing princesses :D Keeper was a fascinating character.

  2. I really loved this book. I love how all the sister's names are flowers. <3

  3. I and my 13 year old daughter agree, this book is AMAZING. We are dying for the author to write and have more books published. Well written, very great story. From start to finish we couldn't but it down. I have been recommending it to all of my friends that have preteen and teen girls.
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