Intriguing New Cover Art for Classics FAHRENHEIT 451 and 1984!

A co-worker told me about these yesterday, and I'm was so intrigued, that I'm now passing on the news to you!

The first is a concept design for Austin Creative Department, so the likelihood of seeing it in actuality is low. Plus, I'm not sure we'd want to.  Can you imagine people going into a bookstore and doing mischievous things with THIS book designed by Elizabeth Perez?

A match. And striking paper along the spine.  A book literally meant to be burned and set your local bookstore on fire.  I can see it now.

It's truly creative, though!

Now the next title to make headlines this week, on the other hand, WILL be in print soon at a bookstore near you!

Penguin is re-designing five George Orwell books, and you can see all of designer David Pearson's designs here.

The best design, however, is for the censored 1984: 

Up close, you'll be able to see through the strike-out to see the title:


I love when classics are re-designed.  And Penguin is a pioneer when it comes to innovative design.

A couple of years ago, I spotlighted Penguin Threads, an imprint that uses real embroidery to create its covers.  The first three in the series were by Jillian Tamaki, and the next three by Rachell Sumpter.  You can see all six covers on Penguin's site.  (And I admit, I own these.  And will likely own this verison of 1984 soon as well.  Innovation, people!)  I'm hopeful that more will be created in this series!


  1. I love the new Fahrenheit 451 cover. It's brilliant in it's simplicity. Probably not a good idea to actually have sitting around in libraries and book stores, but the idea of it is great.

    1. I cringe just thinking about it! Someone unwittingly doesn't realize what it is and puts it out on the floor, not behind the counter...


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