Great new e-book deals! (Teen, Adult, New Adult Mixed Batch)

It seems everyone really likes when I post about e-book deals, so here are some new ones I spotted over the weekend for books that have been bestsellers

I've noticed all these deals on my nook, but I'm sure they're on Kindle/Kobo/iPad/etc.

I can't promise how long the deals will last!

Many of the books from my last e-deal postings are still good, too!
12 Epic Reads Titles for Teens
Three Titles I Missed 
27 More Titles


My review of RADIATE by Marley Gibson. This book looks and sounds like something I would never pick up, but it was extraordinary, and I'm so, so glad a publisher sent it to me.  So inspirational!
For whatever reason, I never reviewed STATISTICAL PROBABILITY..., though I did read it, and I haven't read SEAN GRISWOLD... yet, though I hear it's amazing!  Blind buy!  
Yesterday, I reviewed NOBODY by Jennifer Barnes, and haven't read her other books, though I'm giving away both NOBODY and one of the titles from that great four-book collection, EVERY OTHER DAY. Check it out!

NEW ADULT TITLES (I guess...? Upper Teen? Adult?):

New Age is a relatively new category where the characters are about college-age.  Why that can't also be adult, I don't really know...  Jennifer Lynn Armentrout has really made a name for herself.  I've reviewed several of her books.  Here is my review of her first published title, HALF-BLOOD. 


I own all seven of these books.  IRELAND is magical and whimsical, and full of Irish lore.  Brunonia Barry's writing is absolutely gorgeous.  Jodi Picoult is my favorite author, and THE PACT is one of her best novels.  I've just started reading Lisa Scottoline, and mostly the newer contemporary-feel titles such as this one, which reminds me of something Jodi Picoult might do.  I admit I have yet to read my copies of ART OF RACING... and FIREFLY LANE...because people have told me the endings to both!  I must forget...  And SON OF A WITCH...if you don't already know, it's the sequel to Gregory Maguire's WICKED!

Which books will you choose?