Top Ten Authors on Auto-Buy

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This week's topic:
Top Ten Authors on Auto-Buy

This week's topic seems like a lot of fun!

These are in no particular order by the way, guys!  Just as they come to mind!

She's been my favorite author ever since I read MY SISTER'S KEEPER...which was, at the time, her second-newest book.  She's had...9? books out since then... So a while!  I feel that I do like her older books better.  Perhaps because I read them first, so the newer books don't cling to me the way the older ones do (KEEPING FAITH, PERFECT MATCH, and SALEM FALLS are my other favorites, not to mention her popular THE PACT and PLAIN TRUTH...all of these are pre-MY SISTER'S KEEPER.

That being I still buying THE STORYTELLER, which releases today?  You'd better believe it!  I'm really excited about this one, too; it sounds like it could be her best in years!

Until I discovered Jodi Picoult, Tamora Pierce was my favorite author.  (Two extremely different genres, I know!)  My favorite series are still Song of the Lioness, The Immortals, and Protector of the Small.  I'm not as big a fan of her Circle books, which she focuses on more these days, but I still buy all of her books the moment they come out.  

When I hear that an author is similar for fans of Tamora Pierce or Pierce has blurbed an author's book, I immediately want to read the title.  I've found authors such as Kristin Cashore, Rae Carson, Alexandra Bracken, Leah Cypess, Alex Lidell, and more this way!

This is an author I found through non-traditional means.  Most people have found her through her novel THE DEEP END OF THE OCEAN, which was the first-ever Oprah's Book Club Book and a movie with Michelle Pfeiffer, or they found her because they had to read THE MIDNIGHT TWINS for school.

While I also started with DEEP END, I found out about Mitchard when browsing around Jodi Picoult's web forums looking for similar authors I might enjoy.  Now, whenever I see a book blurbed by Picoult and/or Mitchard (and a few times, such as with Laura Moriarty, Michelle Richmond, and Heather Gudenkauf, they BOTH are shown as reviewers, which means insta-buy to me), I know I want to read the book!

Jennifer Armentrout has really made a name for herself.  I love just about everything I've read by her; everything is always obsessively addicting.  I'll even read things outside of genres I usually enjoy if it has Armentrout's name on it, though I'm saving one series to read back-to-back because I know how killer her cliffhangers can be, and she'll only get me once on that account!  I was so glad to see Armentrout picked up by publishers with major weight behind them so that the marketing campaign will be bigger and bring her even more attention!

I've run in the same online circles as Marissa Meyer for years, since the mid to late 90s.  We had mutual online friends and wound up meeting and chatting online.  I remember her working on The Lunar Chronicles, and was so excited when she got a publishing deal.  Her publishing story is a fairy tale in its own right, and I've loved seeing her go through every step of the journey.  I can't wait to see more from her in the future!

I found Victoria Schwab through Alexandra Bracken (And I found HER through Leah Cypess, who I found through Kristin Cashore, who was found through Tamora Pierce....see these threads?).  Bracken had posted a video of her friend revealing the cover to her upcoming debut novel, THE NEAR WITCH.  I started following her blog and chatting with her on Twitter.  Victoria Schwab is a sincerely wonderful human being, and I love that THE ARCHIVED has brought her so much attention!

Rick Riordan has made mythology FUN for kids and adults of all ages.  I've been reading Riordan since the release of the third Percy Jackson book.  I blind-bought the first title in his Egyptian series, The Kane Chronicles, and will be blind-buying the first in his Norse series come 2015!

Brigid Kemmerer is yet another author I found through a different author.  I had been googling for good FictionPress stories about fairy tales and came across Sarah J. Maas.  Her story had been pulled for publication as THRONE OF GLASS, and it sounded intriguing, so I started following her.  She was friends with authors I enjoyed such as Alexandra Bracken, which made me like her even more.  Sarah has congratulated her friends on their book deals, which introduced me to both Brigid Kemmerer and Kat Zhang.  I started following both of these writers online.  I even got to meet Brigid Kemmerer in person last year.  She's a fabulous person, and I love chatting with her on Twitter!

I can NOT get enough of Rae Carson!  I had read her debut novel and enjoyed it enough to buy it in hardcover when I met her at a signing last year, though I'd almost waited for it to come out in paperback.  I'm glad I didn't, because when I re-read it and then read her second novel, she completely blew me away.  Carson is wonderful, and I'll buy anything she's written in a heartbeat.  I love seeing all of these short stories that she's written available for my nook, some of them original!  Today, she's coming out with a story in the OZ REIMAGINED collection, which I must buy.  I already have my e-copy of her new series novella pre-ordered, too.  Love, love, love!

I love reading Daisy Whitney's blog online and seeing her on Twitter.  I was so excited to meet her at a signing last year, and she's just as awesome in person as she is online.  YA Contemporary isn't my first-choice genre, but Whitney is one of my top authors within the genre.  I'll read her anytime, anywhere.  I loved her first two books (and would love a third companion novel, hint/hint), and am really looking forward to the three--yes, THREE--books she has coming out this year (One is an adult e-book, her first non YA title!  I WANT to say it's with Entangled Publishing, but I might be wrong...).  I was so excited when it was revealed that Whitney would have two books out each year from two different publishers.  Love her!

And...I guess I should stop with ten.  This could go on forever, though!  There are so many great authors that I will buy a new title from without knowing anything about it!
I can't wait to see what everyone else has chosen!
Leave me your posts to check out! :)


  1. Rae Carson would definitely be on my list to. Marissa Meyer is pretty great, too. Some of the others I haven't heard of before and might have to go check out.

  2. I haven't heard of some of these but I totally agree with Rick Riordan! I had Jennifer Armentrout on my list too :)


  3. Yes to Jennifer Armentrout! I'm not convinced she isn't still a teenager.

  4. JLA and Marissa Meyer are on my list too! Oh my gosh, I am so excited for JLA's New Adult book Wait for You. Seriously, when can I read it!!


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