27 ebooks from FREE to $4.99! Peek at some GREAT deals!

There are so many great ebook deals out there right now.  I treated my nook to a few of these, and I'm sure some of you will want these titles for your ereader or e-reading app as well!

First up, we have the new listing from Epic Reads, 
which features several HOT HarperTeen titles:

I've read EVERNEATH, INCARNATE, and EPIC FAIL, and never got around to reviewing any of them.  I'll be reviewing INCARNATE this weekend, and EVERNEATH soon as well, since I'll be re-reading it before moving on to the second book.  I was also lucky enough to meet Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows last weekend and will be posting about the event this weekend!

I've heard that SLIDE is amazing, so I need to buy that myself, and THE LAST APPRENTICE is about to be a movie called The Seventh Son, so that intrigues me, too.  I still haven't read my copies of SHATTER ME or UNDER THE NEVER SKY, eep!

Harper has some great deals featured, though, so take advantage!  If you can only choose one...my personal vote goes to my beloved INCARNATE by Jodi Meadows!

Next up, here are some deals I found online:
(One or two of these are Kindle-exclusive atm, but everything else is on nook, too!)

Free books, all right!  I was excited to see that Ally Carter has combined the worlds of her Heist Society series and that of her Gallagher Girls.  I read both and can't wait to see what's in store when these worlds collide!  I just mentioned the Terry Goodkind title in a separate post.  Ted Dekker launches a new series, and I always look at SAVING JULIET when I see it!

So many great books here!

I've reviewed four of these:

While I haven't reviewed BOOK OF A THOUSAND DAYS because I read it before I was a blogger, I adore Shannon Hale and would recommend anything she writes.  I haven't read THE THIEF LORD, but enjoyed Cornelia Funke's INKHEART series, and haven't read Julia Alvarez, either, but hear she is amazing.

I recently reviewed EVERY DAY.  I was waiting for the final Keys to the Kingdom book to come out before I started Garth Nix's series...and then never had a chance to start, eep!  I also have to start The Jenna Fox Chronicles.  I have an ARC of FOX FOREVER sitting on my nightstand waiting for me to read its predecessors, so.... I adored STORM--and everything else I've read so far by Brigid Kemmerer--but have yet to post reviews (for very secret reasons!).  When I was in high school, I adored A GIRL NAMED SUMMER, which is a teen book.  I couldn't tell you what it was about now, but I remember wanting a sequel...  THE SHOEMAKER'S WIFE is an adult novel, but I hear it's fantastic, and for that price, worth a blind buy.  FEED is a National Book award Winner and the STEAMPUNK! Anthology has some GREAT authors contributing such as Holly Black and Libba Bray.

There are so many great books to choose from, bookworms!  
Which ones will you buy?  
Which do you recommend because you've already read them?  
Help me narrow down my own choices :)


  1. I saw Steampunk (hardcover) on the bargan shelf when I was at B&N buying Scarlet. I may go back and pick it up since you mentioned it.

    1. Oh, seriously? That's a really good deal, too!


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