New Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portrait Featuring Taylor Swift as Rapunzel

Welcome to A Week of Little Red in celebration of our favorite scarlet-caped heroine...
not to mention the launch of Marissa Meyer's SCARLET!
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Okay, so technically, this is a week dedicated to Little Red.  I know, I know.  What's Rapunzel doing here?

For those of you who haven't begun reading Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles and aren't in the know, SCARLET, centered around Little Red Riding Hood, is the second of four books.  The first book, CINDER, came out last year.  Next year, CRESS will feature Rapunzel, and in 2015, the series will conclude with WINTER, based on Snow White.

Since Cress is about to play a big part of her own in the Lunar Chronicles, I felt it was fitting to include her in this week's festivities!

Last week, Disney Parks revealed the latest portrait in their Disney Dream Collection, photographed and edited by the amazingly talented Annie Leibovitz.  Her take on Rapunzel is probably one of my favorite designs in the series!

Take a peek (and click the image for a super-large version!):

Not only that, Disney Parks also posted an amazing behind the scenes video with images from the photo shoot and a chat with Taylor Swift.

Check it out:

What are your thoughts?  
Which Dream Portraits by Annie Leibovitz are your favorites?  
How do you feel about Taylor Swift as Rapunzel?


  1. Little Mermaid is my favorites~ although Penelope Cruz is also LOVELY as Belle! I'm not a fan of a lot of the series for one reason or another~ but~ I do think the designs, costumes and backgrounds are so amazing! Love fairy tale everything. :)


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