A Week of Little Red: Jan. 27 ~ Feb. 5, 2013

Last year, I had so much fun putting together A Week of Cinder(ella) to promote Marissa Meyer's debut novel CINDER that I'm going nuts and...doing it AGAIN!

I'm so excited to announce that in honor of the upcoming release of SCARLET, next week begins A Week of Little Red!

Last year's event was SO MUCH FUN!
Let's do it again & paint the web RED!
If you missed last year's event, you can still check out all the great author interviews, guest posts, book reviews, and other fabulous features!  We had a great turn-out!

A Week of Little Red will feature guest posts, author visits, book reviews (because, after all, Marissa isn't the ONLY author with a kick-ass Little Red to celebrate!), giveaways, reviews, and more!  It all begins with a special blog tour stop for CINDER and culminates with a release day celebration!

Are you excited?  I know I am!!  Feel free to email abackwardsstory (at) gmail (dot) com if you'd like to participate and I'll add you into the festivities! :) 
(Last year, I was floored and humbled by everyone eager to participate, and one week became two.  I reserve the right to extend the event this year if the need should again arise because YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!)

I'd love your help spreading the word to all your fairy tale loving followers!  Please tweet this entry, post it on your Facebook account, blog, etc.  Feel free to snag one of the following buttons to post on your blog as well!

[And if you do, you'll get extra giveaway entry points, oooh!]

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Grab button for A Week of Little Red

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Grab button for A Week of Little Red


NOTE: Some of the images I  used when creating the banner are stock images.  I was allowed free use so long as I linked back to the photographer.

Thank you so much to the following people for the use of their stock for A Week of Little Red!

Valentine-Fov-Stock [Model; re-colored; lantern manipulation {flame's my own; no credit needed}]
Geoectomy-Stock [Fabric to manipulate into a cape]
Sofie73 [Hair to manipulate]
Wyldraven [Background; re-colored & stylized]

Fonts Used:

Jellyka Delicious Cake
Jellyka Endless Voyage

(If you can't tell, I love all of the Jellyka fonts, and always find it appropriate to use them when I can get away with it! ^.~)


  1. Your images look great! I especially love her red cape and all the movement of it! Looking forward to following this event! I need to re-read Cinder, but I'm not sure how much time to allow myself for the re-read... 2 days or a whole week? I want to jump straight into Scarlet afterwards!

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I fussed around for so long, and finally decided I liked it enough to use above!

      I guess it depends on how busy your week is. During a good week, two days is plenty. During a busy week, I need a whole week!

      I also plan to read the two novellas!

  2. Oooh, I'd love to find some way to help! I actually did a post about the Big Bad Wolf in fairy tales this week. Maybe I could figure something out (that doesn't stink as much as my idea last year did). I'll email you once I have an idea. Can't wait!


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