CATCHING FIRE Movie Logo Revealing with BREAKING DAWN, PT. II!

Bookworms, do you remember when the logo for THE HUNGER GAMES was revealed?  We all jumped about a mile whenever a website featured it because the fire made a loud, crackling noise if the speakers were on.  I still hear it around every once in a while.
(I won't be evil and force you to listen to it now, but if you want to, click this link.)

The Hob, a site for all things HUNGER GAMES-related, tweeted about a press release to movie theaters stating to air a CATCHING FIRE Logo Reveal alongside the trailers built into BREAKING DAWN, PT. II.

Picture from The Hob
I can't wait to hear what they do, or for it to leak online, since I'm not planning to see BREAKING DAWN, PT. II.  You'll  have to comment and let me know, because I sure don't mind being spoiled on this one! :)

If they do another "live" logo, will they keep the image from the book's cover?  I've had people yell at me when I casually talk about the cover because it's a huge spoiler for the book once you figure it out.  Would the movie studio do this?  Do most people even care?