Best Gift EVER for Bookworms!

I am absolutely OBSESSED with this crazy-awesome book chair, the "Bibliochaise," and I think you will be, too!  I also want that ottoman, the "Bibiopouf!"  Both were made by nobody&co.

The only down-side?  It's made with Italian wood and costs $7,000!

You do, however, get to choose the colors you want the seat cushion and wood to be, making it uniquely your own!

A really cool teacher made one himself and posted the results (and a slideshow of his progress!) online.

...I only wish there'd been a complete plan on how he did it so we could replicate it!

This sucker holds 5 metres of material.  That's about 300 books!  Can you imagine?


I so want a knock-off of this sucker underneath the Christmas tree this year!

How about you?

(If any of you get your crafty husbands/fathers (or even yourself!) to make one after seeing the slideshow and notes, definitely make sure he details his progress for all of us!! *winkwinknudgenudge*)


  1. OMG I want one! I am so not paying that though.. I'm too poor for that. I am going to have to see if my hubby can make one of these.

    1. I know, right? Crazy price! If he does, show us pictures!!

  2. Amazing chair! Get's me thinking about how to alter other furniture.

  3. 7,000$? WOW that's expensive. I'm gonna save money for new eBook reader. It's cheaper and can store more books. LOL

    Dragana @ Bookworm Dreams

    1. Very true! *hugs her nook*

      I just can't let go of my dream to grow up to have a library like the Beast's someday. Especially when a book has a REALLY PRETTY COVER or I have the other books in the series/by the author or it's cheaper.... Ack!

  4. Very cool and totally usable for those short on space, but way too expensive - EEEK!


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