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I decided to retire Word Count Wednesdays because I don't often bother to post it.  I still like talking about writing, though.  I always feel bad if I want to make a non-wordcount post, so...I never do.  I decided to merge WCW into The Scribbler, which can be for any writing topics I wish to talk about.
What are your thoughts on the change?

As you might know, my birthday was last month.  It inspired today's vlog post, entitled "The Perfect Gift for Writers."

Since my birthday always falls in the summer, I tend to have more "wish list" items earlier or later in the year; not much comes out in July.

By the time the third person asked what I wanted, I was out of ideas.  I mentioned that I was on my second-to-last  pen (I write by hand first) and was about to buy a package of Uniball Signos, which I fell in love with when I was living in Japan and had seen on Amazon for half-price (because at full price, they're EXPENSIVE).  I've also been meaning to purchase PrismaColor Col-Erase Green Pencils because of a blog article Tiffany Schmidt put together.  IMAGINARY GIRLS author Nova Ren Suma had mentioned to her that "Copy editors use Ticonderoga or Col-Erase colored pencils... Others are too soft."  When Tiffany tried out the Col-Erase, she was in love.  Since I write by hand and then type, I've been coveting these pencils, but my Staples doesn't stock them and I always forget to order them online!

Let me tell you, my brother was flummoxed.  He laughed at me and didn't think I was serious.  Because, really, who wants pens and pencils as a gift? Writers do.

By the time the fourth person asked what I wanted, I didn't even know anymore.  Smartie that she is, my sister remembered that my "writing office" has an ocean theme (and that my favorite color is purple), so she put together some things I might like to add to the room.  I was surprised at something so unexpected, but also touched that she picked something so thoughtful.  If you do something like this for the writer in your life, s/he will be just as touched!


  1. Great vlog! I need to buy more writing pens, thank you for the tips about the pens and pencils, i will look out for them!

    I also love your olympic nails! They look fab!

  2. I say go for the Scribbler idea. That sounds like more freedom for you. It also sounds like fun in general!
    And totally! Pens/Pencils are necessities for writers!! I completely understand.

    Great vlog!


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