Cover Art REVEALED: PERCEPTION by Lee Strauss

Last week, the cover reveal for PERCEPTION made the rounds, and I think it looks great:

by Lee Strauss

Lee Strauss is pseudonym of author Elle Strauss when she writes upper / mature YA, so you might know her other books if you don't recognize her name here.

This cover reached out and ensnared me the first time I saw it.  I love elemental magic, and this cover has lightning and rain and all kinds of good stuff going for it.

Plus, doesn't that object in the center look like Infinity?  Oooh, I want to know why it's encased in (or spouting off) all that lightning!

I like the gradient used in the title and the way there is light running through the author's name.

To me, this cover looks great and immediately made me want to look up the summary!

What are your thoughts on this week's cover choice?


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