Splash into Summer: Promo Banners, Guest Post Openings, and more!


It's almost my favorite time of year again!  As you all know, I'm sort of maybe a little bit obsessed with mermaids.  Only slightly, mind you.

Last year, I created Splash into Summer, which was originally supposed to be a two-week event that expanded into three weeks.  This year, not only do I have the amazing Literally Jen co-hosting the event, we'll be doing three weeks of under the sea goodness from the get-go!

If you missed out on Splash last year, check out my Round-Up post, which features all the giveaways, 8 book reviews, 8 guest posts, 5 interviews, and 7 misc. posts that occurred.

And...What’s more fun than an ocean of mermaids? YOU! Shoot abackwardsstory (at) gmail (dot) com or literallyjen (at) gmail (dot) com an email if you’d like to participate. Guest posts, reviews, you name it. If you’d like to take part, just let us know within the next week or so!

Even if you can’t participate, we’d love to have you help spread the word. I’ve created fun little buttons to share on your own blogs and/or websites. (And let me tell you, after spending HOURS on the design, I have a newfound respect for font designers. It’s hard work...and I wasn’t even designing a full alphabet! RESPECT to everyone who is a font designer!!)

If you leave us the links to where you’ve placed the buttons, tweet about Splash into Summer, link on Facebook, blog, etc. now (and/or throughout the event), you’ll get extra entries in any giveaway you enter during the event! How’s that for incentive?

Please help us make this event the best it can be. The mermaids deserve their day, too. Sorry to all the vampires, werewolves and fairies out there, but it’s time for some beings who really know how to make a SPLASH!

Splash into Summer

Splash into Summer


  1. This will be so fun. I'm reading quite a few mermaidish type of books coming up: Lies Beneath, Siren and Monstruous Beauty are a few just off the top of my head. How cool you are doing this for an entire month!

  2. Wow! You sure have a lot of excitement brewing this summer. It sounds fabulous! Wishing you great success. :-)

  3. Wow. I am utterly impressed with the fact that you created that font. Unbelievable! It's gorgeous!


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