Movie (Based on Book) Trailer Reveal: RISE OF THE GUARDIANS

In case you missed today's review of William Joyce's beautiful picture book THE MAN IN THE MOON (or just didn't read it because it was a review for a picture book rather than a novel), check out the trailer for DreamWorks' upcoming November 2012 release, RISE OF THE GUARDIANS!

If the movie does well, more will be made.  Joyce spent twenty years perfecting his THE GUARDIANS OF CHILDHOOD series, making it encompass picture books, novels, and now, movies.

Joyce has also done the Nickelodeon series ROLIE POLIE OLIE and character work for Pixar's TOY STORY, as well as written and illustrated other children's picture books.

I personally think the trailer looks intriguing.  It excites me that DreamWorks is moving in the direction of telling a deeper story a la Pixar.  They really surprised me when they came out with HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, and I can't wait to see how they adapt Joyce's innovative series!

Even if you're not a picture book fan or don't have little ones in your house, if you like folklore and mythological stories, you'll love the whimsy of THE MAN IN THE MOON, so check out today's review!


  1. Captivating review. Thanks for including the trailer. My boys and I can hardly wait to see it in November!

  2. @Christy: Doesn't it look great? I can't wait!!!


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