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One of my favorite fairy tale retellings is ICE by Sarah Beth Durst, based on East of the Sun, West of the Moon.  I've both reviewed ICE (and a couple other Durst novels) and featured the tale on the blog in the past, as well as did a Cover Crazy on the awesome German cover!

A couple of weeks ago, you may recall that I went to the NYC Teen Author Festival in NYC.  One of the authors I was fortunate enough to meet was Sarah Beth Durst!  (Annnnd she probably thought I was stalking her since whenever I turned around, we were near one another, but I swear I wasn't! LOL!!)

I thought of you guys and wanted to share one of my favorites for Fairy Tale Fortnight.  Sarah was kind enough to autograph the book with a special message for one of you lucky fairy tale lovers!

Here's a quick peek:

(Yeah, I was lazy and clipped out the segment where I featured the book on IMM ^^;;)

Illustrated by PJ Lynch
Want to know a little more before deciding to enter?

ICE is a favorite retelling of mine because Sarah Beth Durst has created such a strong heroine.  While at first, Cassie doesn't want to be thrust into marriage with the Polar Bear King, she eventually grows to care for him.  In a way, the story reminds me of the Greek myth revolving around Cupid and Psyche.  When Cassie looks upon the Polar Bear King after being told not to, her world is thrown upside down.  I love how strong she becomes as a character as she sets out to save the husband she's grown to love.  ICE is a bit more adult than other versions of the tale in that Cassie is heavily pregnant on her journey, but still perseveres and never gives up.


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  1. This book sounds pretty good and that's cool that you met the author. Thanks for participating in the hop and for the giveaway opportunity.

  2. Bonnie! An autographed copy of Ice?! By SARAH BETH DURST?!?!?! Girl, I love you!!!! I wanted to read Sarah's previous books (Ice and Enchanted Ivy) ever since I read her brilliant Drink, Slay, Love. I am really keeping my fingers crossed for this one here! Thank you so much for the chance - this giveaway couldn't possibly be more perfect! :)

    Much love!!!

  3. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Brianne @ http://memoriesovertakingme.blogspot.com/

  4. Ice is a GREAT fairytale!! Great choice!

  5. This sounds like a wonderful story! I have not heard of this one yet. Thank you for the chance to read it. :)

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