Character Word Associations with Logan from Marni Bates' AWKWARD

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Logan Lerman plays an integral part in Marni Bates' debut novel AWKWARD.

Despite the fact that he's a Notable, there's a lot more to Logan than what initially meets the eye, as you'll see here as he pays us a visit!

Apparently, there really is a Logan Lerman, shown left.  Marni Bates featured him recently on her blog!

Character Word Associations:  
L o g a n

Hi Logan! Ready for a lightning round?  
Please respond to the following questions with the first thing 
that comes to mind with each word/phrase. 

d r e a m s

Winning the Stanley Cup. Or maybe making it as a successful graphic designer. That would be awesome.

i c e  c r e a m

Chocolate peanut butter.

b o o k s

No. (Or alternatively: Step away from the textbook, Mack!) I’m dyslexic so reading isn’t exactly something I find relaxing. Unlike Mack, who practically lives in our school library.

h i g h  s c h o o l

Mildly annoying sometimes. I mean, I don’t love it but it’s not like kids throw pigs blood on my prom dress either.

Okay, that came out really weird.But when most people like you it’s not hard to like them back.

I bet Mack sees it differently.

l a u g h t e r

Essential. If you can’t laugh with someone then they are probably wasting your time.

Y o u T u b e

Mackenzie Wellesley freaking out. You guys have seen that already, right?

v a c a t i o n

Fly me to a tropical beach and I may never leave. Okay, that’s not exactly true because I wouldn’t be able to play hockey there. But if we are talking a quick getaway in Oregon, I would have to choose the mountains because the beaches here are rocky and cold.Although, I count not having any homework as a vacation. As long as Mack doesn’t start drilling me on history instead.

f o o d

Yeah, actually. Food sounds great. Do you mind if I grab a slice of pizza before I—score! Leftovers.

m o v i e s
Death at a Funeral. It’s an absolutely brilliant British comedy where everyone has a secret and . . . damn, it’s funny. Don’t bother with the American remake though. Just the trailer was so painfully bad I couldn’t watch it.
a c h i e v e m e n t
I dunno . . . being a good person? My parents are both doctors and I’ve always thought having the ability to save a life was the greatest achievement someone could have. But since I’m definitely not cut out for medical school, I guess I’ll have to find some other way to help people. Probably. I don’t have it all figured out right now.

Logan, thank you so much for stopping by (even if I DID have to bribe you with pizza...)!  We all loved learning more about you!

Bookworms, be sure to check out my review of AWKWARD if you have yet to pick up this fun novel!


  1. I just started reading Awkward yesterday, and I have to say, I LOVE LOGAN! It's so exciting to see his responses to these questions. =)

    1. I know, right? I seriously LOVE Logan. I'm going to have to read more books by Marni Bates!

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