Happy 2-year Birthday, A Backwards Story!!

Today marks the TWO-YEAR anniversary of this blog. 

A Backwards Story, Happy Birthday!!!

A lot has changed in the last year.  In my first year, I had 30-odd posts for the entire YEAR.  Now, I tend to have that many posts in a single month.  Last January, my New Year's Resolution was to blog more.  I signed up for various memes to keep me on track, etc.

This time last year, I had less than 20 followers.  Today, I have 640 people following me--and that's just what I can see.  Every one of you leaves me breathless and humbled.  I can't believe so many of you like and follow what I have to say!  It amazes me every time.

My blog has come so far in the last year.  I've signed up with Twitter, become active on Goodreads, and met some amazing bloggers and readers that I wish lived near me for real!  I've participated in events such as Fairy Tale Fortnight and created my own events.  I'm especially proud of Splash into Summer, which will re-occur this coming June/July, and the recent A Week of Cinderella.  We'll have to do that again with another fairy tale!  I've also sporadically hosted my own features such as Mythological Mondays and Word Count Wednesdays (Um, where did that one go...??).  I've also developed more of a style in creating my reviews, from the way I post the summary to the way I do a more detailed look at cover design.

Thank you to all of the readers, bloggers, authors, and publishers who have made the last year possible.  A Backwards Story has grown in leaps and bounds, and I can't wait to see what lies in store for the toddler years!!


  1. Aw, Bonnie happy blogoversary! I didn't realize the leaps and bounds you made on your blog this year! (You've always been a star to me). You have so much to be proud of and I'm so, so happy I found you and your blog :)

  2. Happy 2 Years! It's my second year as well!

  3. I had no idea that you'd only been doing this for two years! I've always been so impressed by your blog, your events, and your professionalism. :)

    You were one of the people that inspired me to get more serious about blogging, and you've been a great role model!

    Happy Blogoversary!!!!
    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

  4. Happy Anniversary to your blog. Two years is AWESOME!

  5. Congrats on two great years! Looking forward to many more.

  6. Happy blogoversary, friend! That's a lot to be proud of!!

  7. Happy Blogoversary!!!! Wow, 2 years? That's incredible. I wish you all the best for another 2, 4 or 20 years in the blogosphere :)


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