Guest Post with Tamara Felsinger: CINDERELLA: A TWIST IN TIME

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Today, I am proud to feature a VERY SPECIAL guest poster.  If you've read Marissa Meyer's Acknowledgments Page, you might recognize the name Tamara Felsinger.  Tamara is one of Marissa's few beta readers, and has been for years.  In fact, if it hadn't been for Marissa Meyer's blog, I never would have met Tamara and spun a new relationship! (Annnnd...she's also the reason I started capitalizing book titles instead of italicizing them about a year ago, so you have her to thank for that, too!)

Tamara lives in Australia, runs a blog entitled Uncharted Pages, can be frequently seen on Twitter, and is in the process of querying her own manuscript.  Soon, we'll have another debut author to celebrate! ♥  


Did you enjoy Disney’s Classic, Cinderella? 

 Did you enjoy the sequel? How about the third movie? 

 I won’t blame you if you didn’t even know there was a sequel, let alone a third movie. I happened across this clip one day and nearly fell out of my chair:

YouTube Link

Well. I had to rush right out and get this movie the second the clip finished. I’ll admit I haven’t seen the sequel, but the third movie blew my glass slippers right off. 

 In case you didn’t pick everything up from the clip, here’s the basic premise: while the prince and Cinderella share their first wedding anniversary, the evil stepmother manages to snag the magic wand, reverse time, and change history. The stepsister Anastasia fits the glass slipper (thanks to some magic) and is whisked away to the palace to marry the prince instead of Cinderella. The prince, of course, knows Anastasia isn’t the woman he danced with at the ball, but the evil stepmother casts a spell on him so he doesn’t protest. It’s up to Cinderella to steal back the wand, stop the wedding, and break the spell on the prince. 

 I know, right? 

 My favourite aspects of this movie: 

- Cinderella kicks butt - You get to see what happened when the girl who fit the glass slipper was finally found (Feasts! Greetings! Marriage proposal!) 
- The prince has a personality. A personality! 
- Cinderella kicks butt 
- Anastasia actually has character depth 
- There’s a new pumpkin, dark and twisted and evil 
- Did I mention Cinderella kicks butt? 

 There’s so much more I loved about Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, but if you want to find out, go watch it for yourself!


  1. Wow, I think I'll actually try to find that one now. I saw Cinderella 2 one day when channel surfing and nearly gagged because it had no plot. NO PLOT. It was just a bunch of fluffy short stories involving Cinderella and her animal friends...

  2. I know - to be honest, I haven't heard great things about Cinderella 2. But wow, Cinderella 3 was a lot of fun.


  4. Neat! I think we actually have a copy of this in my library. I'm going to check it out. Thanks!

  5. I remember seeing the trailer for this and wanting to see this movie, but I was afraid it would be really bad! And then I never saw it at Redbox...

    I want to watch this now!!!

  6. I wasn't overly impressed with the second or the third although I do think they are both interesting. The first is still and will always be my favorite.

    1. I actually bought it when it came out on blu-ray a month or two ago during a big sale so I could watch it based on Tamara's review alone!

      The first is definitely the best, but it's interesting to see such a unique version of the tale, too!


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