Blog Tour Stop/Guest Post with Julia Karr (Top 10s)

A Backwards Story is happy to be a part of The {Teen} Book Scene's tour for TRUTH!  Check out the tour schedule to see the list of events.  Last year, I reviewed Julia Karr's debut novel XVI.  I'm looking forward to Nina's journey, especially now that's she sporting a XVI tattoo.  The new summary sounds awesome!

[And...yes, this is another break from A Week of Cinderella...but if you REALLY want me to find a way to tie it in...check out my aforementioned review, where I mention Cinderella Girls!  Most specifically:

On her website, the author states, “No fairy tale ending here.” I think the companion novel will be quite sad, since it seems Cinderella Girls lead a miserable existence. They are usually born out of wedlock, and their fathers are often already married. Some men will take the girls into their households to work as maids, etc.

How's THAT for Cinderella magic? ^.~]

TRUTH is the direct sequel to Julia Karr's debut dystopian novel XVI.  

Last year, a companion novel, CINDERELLA GIRL, was announced as forthcoming. Julia has her own website and can be found on both Facebook and Twitter @juliakarr.

Author Top 10s: 
A Top Ten List of Top Ten Lists

I do love lists! And, wow, I get to choose the topic! Well, I thought about a top ten list of top ten lists - such as:

Top Ten Movies - because I love movies - especially classics!
Top Ten Rock and Roll Bands - because I love rock ‘n roll! (And the Beatles!)
Top Ten Number One Songs - because I love to sing! (But people don’t necessarily love to listen to me sing!)
Top Ten Actors - see #1 above
Top Ten Actresses - same
Top Ten Novels - because I am a voracious reader!
Top Ten Cars - I love classic cars! Like this one! 
Top Ten Dog Breeds - Because “of indeterminate origin” would be my #1!
Top Ten Artists - because I could never choose!
Top Ten Sports Figures - There are a few - but I think most of the ones I would include aren’t alive any more!

So - There you have my top ten list of top ten lists!

What’s your favorite top ten list?


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