The Next Disney Princess REVEALED!

Have you heard about the latest Disney Princess?

Princess Sophia the First is set to debut in late 2012 with her own animated movie, followed by an animated TV series in 2013.  She looks to be aimed at the younger set (possibly a Disney version of Dora?).

Sophia won't be (at this time, at least) joining the "official" Disney Princess line-up alongside favorites such as Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella (see what I just did there?  A, B, C!).  At the same time, some of Disney's royalty such as Cindy herself will be visiting Sophia at various points during the series.  Sophia will also attend a school where the headmistresses are none other than SLEEPING BEAUTY's Fauna, Flora and Merryweather!

Want to know even more tidbits?  Check out the entire article where I pulled this information from!

(And can I say, I love that Broadway alum Sara Ramirez has a role?  I'm hoping this means there will be SONGS.  Because, um, Sara Ramirez won a Tony Award for her role as Lady of the Lake in SPAMALOT and needs to sing more songs for us!)


  1. A new Disney wonderful. My nieces will be thrilled to hear this news.

  2. Why did you hear about this before me? I'm the Disney princess stalker! Anyway, I'm super excited! (And so is my little sister)

    I LOVE your new blog design!

  3. aawww she's so cute! I love Disney Princesses. So is your new blog design :)


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