Mythological Mondays: FIRST FROST by Jennifer Estep

Mythological Mondays is a feature I created to spotlight books brimming with--you guessed it--mythology! I adore this sub-genre and can't wait to share my love with all of my fellow bookworms! This feature isn't just focused on novel reviews; it may also include interviews, looks at original mythological tales, etc. Please feel free to do this with me! If you guys ever do a mythological feature and want to join this and snag my lovely mermaid, I would LOVE to see the feature. I’ve even included a Linkbox for you. It doesn’t have to be Greek mythology, or even mythology per say. It can be mermaids, unicorns, or heck, even fairy tales (because I’m too lazy to do a separate fairy tale feature…). It doesn’t even have to be every Monday. I’m sure there will be Mondays when I skip, too. ^_^

Author: Jennifer Estep
Release Date: Out now (July 01, 2011)
Publisher: Kensington
Received: nook book


I am Gwen Frost, and I have a Gypsy gift. It's called psychometry - that's a fancy way of saying that I see images in my head and get flashes of other people's memories off almost everything I touch, even guys.

My gift makes me kind of nosy. Okay, okay, maybe a lot nosy--to the point of obsession sometimes. I want to know everything about everyone around me. But even I don't want to know the secrets my friend Paige is hiding or the terrible loss that will send me to a new school - Mythos Academy, where the teachers aren't preparing us for the SATs, but to battle Reapers of Chaos. Now I have no friends and no idea how my gift fits in with all these warrior whiz kids. The only thing I do know is that my life is never, ever going to be the same...

*This mini-review was scheduled to go live last Monday, but I wrote it on my phone at work and was unable to copy/paste it to Blogger (still learning how to use my Droid, sorry...).  So here it is a day late and a dollar short...but at least it's not expired milk!

Also, this mini-review is short because it's based on a short story meant to entice readers to the series if they're on the fence.  Next time, look forward to a review of TOUCH OF FROST!*

If you're thinking about reading Jennifer Estep's MYTHOS ACADEMY series, a good place to start would be e-book exclusive FIRST FROST, book 0.5 in the series. This short story will give you a taste of what lies in store for Gwen in the series as she learns about the school's existence and her own hidden powers.

I waited to read this until I'd finished TOUCH OF FROST, which was a mistake on my part. I did quite a bit of skim-reading because most of the information from FIRST FROST is included throughout the first full-length novel in the series. Granted, this time around it's in first person and fills in missing details, but it's not a necessary read if a reader has already invested in the series. However, if you're considering trying the series out, FIRST FROST provides a nice glimpse at all the mytholgical descendants Gwen will encounter at Mythos Academy.


The violet eyes are the first thing to stand out despite the way the model's hair is hiding most of her face.  Next up is the beautiful scenery of Mythos Academy.  I want to go to school here. I also love the series design where the "T" in Frost is a sword...and yes, the sword is there for a reason!

This cover is definitely intriguing and would make me pick it up blind!

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