(I know this isn't book-related, but the movie is based on a comic book series, so it still counts, right...?  Right...!)

So we all saw the teaser poster for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES earlier this year, but the reveal of the "official poster" is absolutely amazing.

Seriously.  It gives me CHILLS.

Take a peek:

Seriously, is it not crazy-awesome?  From the tagline "The legend ends" to the way Batman's mask is lying in broken shards on the ground and Christian Bale's torn-up top paired with the grittiness of the poster, it looks epic.

Granted, I'm one of those hypocrites.  The ones who have never read the comic books, but still likes the movies.  Mais c'est la vie, non?

Actually, this poster reminds me a bit of a scene from one of the Spider-Man movies where Peter throws away his uniform into a trash can.  What's with superheroes giving up? :(

It's not the time to be philosophical, though.  Let's just stop and stare again, no?  In wide-screen, this time! (And, as always, click the pictures for a full-screen image...especially if you're browsing is showing distorted images on this blog!)


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