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A Backwards Story is happy to conclude The {Teen} Book Scene's blog tour for Helen Landalf's debut novel FLYAWAY.  I've been looking forward to this one for months and hope you have as well!

At the end of this post, you have a chance to win your own hardcover copy of FLYAWAY!  Check out the other posts on this week's tour for more chances to win!

FLYAWAY is Helen Landalf's debut YA novel.  She has previously written a couple of children's picture books.  You can  visit Helen's blog and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.  Helen is also a member of The Elevensies.

This or That with author Helen Landalf

(Writing) Picture books or novels?

Novels. I’ve actually written and published two picture books and really enjoyed the process, but I find writing novels much more satisfying.    

(Writing) Computer/laptop or hand-written?

Laptop. I used to write my novels longhand and then type them on the computer, but now I do everything on my laptop. The only exception is if I’m having trouble getting a scene started. Then I’ll write a few paragraphs of it in a notebook and then transfer it to the computer. Somehow, writing longhand helps me push past any blocks.

Dance or theatre?

Both! I majored in theatre in college, and I’ve danced since I was seven and still teach dance to this day, so they’re both dear to my heart.

Summer or winter?  

Definitely summer. I grew up in San Diego and didn’t see my first snowfall till I went to college in upstate New York. I love going to the beach, wearing shorts and sandals, and enjoying long, long days.

Costume party or formal event?

Costume party, for sure. Just like Stevie in Flyaway, I like using outlandish clothes as a way of trying on different characters.

Dogs or Dragons? 

Dogs. I love my little Yorkie, Toto, and I’m honestly not a huge fantasy fan.

Go to the movies or curl up with a book?

Please, don’t make me choose! I live for reading, but if I’ve been writing all day, sometimes I like to go see a movie to get all those words out of my head.

Mythology or fairy tales?

Fairy tales. I haven’t thought much about mythology since middle school.

(Reading) YA or Adult?

YA. I read one adult novel a month for my book club, but I’m always happy when I finish it so I can get back to my stack of YA novels.

Travel abroad or travel Stateside?

Abroad. I’ve been to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Finland, Russia, Mexico, Canada, and Israel. I can’t wait to travel more!

Helen, thank you so much for stopping by and playing This or That with us!  I always love the insight. ^_^  I've been looking forward to the release of FLYAWAY for months and am sure many others here have as well!

Bookworms, stop back at A Backwards Story sometime next week for my review of this novel!

And now, enter to win your own copy of FLYAWAY!  The contest is open until December 30th!


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