Cover Crazy: CINDER (Spanish Edition)

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We've all seen the cover for Marissa Meyer's CINDER by now, yes?  Well.....not quite like this!!!
Last week, Marissa revealed Spain's cover for CINDER: Crónicas Lunares I.

Are you ready to see how pretty it is?

CINDER: Crónicas Lunares I by Marissa Meyer:

I love how you can tell it's still Cinderella, yet unique, too.  While I'm not such a fan of the obviously-Barbie doll hand, I can get why they did it that way and I love everything else about this image.  And that dress is really, really pretty!!!  I really like that this cover represents THE scene.  When you think of Cinderella, you think of the one-slipper-thing, yes?  I know I do!

And if you haven't been lucky enough to read a copy of CINDER yet, the wait isn't long now.  We're in the home stretch, bookworms!  January 3rd!!

Not only that, but the promotional material is coming full-force now!  Keep an eye on Marissa's blog as new developments emerge such as linking to articles on Feiwel and Friends' major CINDER marketing campaign and fun interviews that hint at upcoming books in the quartet!

Keep an eye on the blogosphere in January as a major blog tour kicks off, including a stop right here at A Backwards Story!

...Bookworms, I can't WAIT to share my review and tell you how much I loved this book!!

What do you think? What cover are you crazy about this week?


  1. Well, this one is beautiful, but beautiful doesn't really work for me. I think I like the US cover better...sorry.

  2. While I do prefer the US cover, this one is so cool! And I love the overall colour theme too. And of course, the scene they're showing! <3 I loveloveloved Cinder!!!

    I'm eagerly awaiting release so other people can see just how awesome it is, but... but.... can we have the sequel next month too?? :(

  3. I love this one! I love the US one too. I got an ARC just last week and it's on the top of the pile for over the holidays!

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  5. Well, I for one can't decide which cover I like better! Can't really compare the both because both are very unique.

    I am anxiously waiting for its release! I hope it is as good a read as everyone is saying it is!

    Here's my Cover Crazy, do check it out!

    Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile


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