Top TBR Titles This Winter!

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This week’s topic?

Top Ten TBR Titles This Winter!

There are so many books I want to read this winter, from ARCs I'm still dying to read to books coming out that I can't wait to get my hands on.  My top ten (in reverse release-date order since the ones I want most come out last, OF COURSE) are:

*PANDEMONIUM by Lauren Oliver (Mar. 6)

Because aaaaaaaaaaah!!  I have been waiting since reading an ARC of DELIRIUM back in 2010.  I must know what happens next!  Plus, DELIRIUM is my second-favorite book of 2011, behind only THE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern.  Lauren has a GIFT!

*SPELL BOUND by Rachel Hawkins (Mar. 13)

Can you believe HEX HALL is finally coming to a close?  I can't!  I went from not really wanting to read this series to being completely enraptured.  Plus, Rachel has two books out in 2012.  Win!

*FEVER by Lauren DeStefano (Feb. 21)

Another aaaaaaaaaah!! moment because I--again--read the ARC long before the book dropped.  WITHER was one of my 2011 favorites.  Must know more ASAP!!

*LONE WOLF by Jodi Picoult (Feb. 28)

It's a new book from my all-time favorite author!  I can't wait!  Jodi's also going to be coming out with her first YA novel (co-authored with her daughter) this year...and it's FANTASY.  Awesome! (I believe this is the UK cover with the US cover still to come...?)

*THE RIVALS by Daisy Whitney (Feb. 06)
Another book I've been longing for.  I adored THE MOCKINGBIRDS and have been anxious to get my hands on more by Daisy Whitney.  I'm sad that my covers won't match, but think the new covers will make more people pick this up, so...!

*NEVERMORE (The final MAXIMUM RIDE book) by James Patterson (Feb. 02)

FINALLY, this series is coming to an end.  I hate how evil the cliffhangers in this series are.  Granted, I did NOT love ANGEL last year, especially after how highly I anticipated it after the bombshell ending in FANG, but I still want to know how it all ends!!

*MIDNIGHT IN AUSTENLAND by Shannon Hale (Jan. 31)

New Shannon Hale!!  And a sequel to AUSTENLAND, with a book-movie about to drop.  Shannon is also releasing a sequel to PRINCESS ACADEMY in 2012.  So again, a double-win!

*THE ROOK by Daniel O'Malley (Jan. 11)
I don't know much more than the summary of this one, but it is one HECK of a summary.  Just look at the how the Goodreads summary begins, pulling a quote from the novel: "The body you are wearing used to be mine." I believe this is adult fantasy.  I want this, oh how I want this!!

*WINTERLING by Sarah Prineas (Jan. 03)

This book has such a pretty cover.  AND it's been blurbed by Kristin Cashore!  AND it sounds really good!  Have I ever told you that I love fantasy?  And horses?  Because I do!


This went from being a book I felt very lackluster over to slightly intrigued by.  With the recent book trailer release, it went to, "Okay, I so need to read this right now!"

Annnnd what about ARCs I'm about read this winter?  Maybe they don't all come out during the winter months, but all but three of my "must-read-this-ARC NOW" ARCs *do.*  Sooo the top ten most-anticipated (to me) ARCS I own (either physically or as an e-book from NetGalley) that I will get to this winter (in release-date order) are:

*HALLOWED by Cynthia Hand (Jan. 17)
The sequel to UNEARTHLY!  I started reading this a couple weeks ago, but realized that I should re-read (or skim) UNEARTHLY first...or at least the last few chapters.  I loved UNEARTHLY when I expected not to care at all.  Can't wait!

*AFTER THE SNOW by S.D. Crockett (Feb. 03)
I'm waiting for a snowy day to read this one.  I want to replicate the feeling I got reading ICE by Sarah Beth Durst or TRAPPED by Michael North or even THE NEAR WITCH by Victoria Schwab (on a particularly wind-howling day).  I love when the weather outside gives you an extra layer of emotional attachment when reading a book!

*SCARLET by A.C. Gaughen (Feb. 14)

I have ALWAYS had a soft spot for ROBIN HOOD.  Heck, earlier this year (last year now? I forget...) I was re-reading all the Robin Hood stories and watching all the movies for an idea bunny I had that I might write someday.  Plus, it's a story where a girl is forced to hide in disguise.  Call me crazy (I blame you, Tamora Pierce!!), but I love such books!  Heck, I have one of THOSE in the works for someday, too!  LOL!

*WHEN THE SEA IS RISING RED by Cat Hellisen (Feb. 28)
This cover!  This synopsis!  By now, you know I love dystopian fiction.  I was really excited to receive this and can't wait to finally sink my claws in!

*GRAVE MERCY by Robin LaFevers (Mar. 7)

This is THE BOOK.  I have wanted this since the deal was announced in 2010.  I felt so honored and lucky to receive an ARC a few weeks ago.  I'm still trying to make the time to read this and hope to do so in the next couple of weeks!

*EYE OF THE STORM by Kate Messner (Mar. 13)

There are a couple of books by Kate Messner that I'd like to read now!  This is middle-grade dystopian, which I think we need more of, especially in the year THE HUNGER GAMES hits the big-screen.  I don't know about you, but I don't want a nine-year-old reading those books.  But something like THE GIVER by Lois Lowry or THE UNWANTEDS by Lisa McMann or, now, EYE OF THE STORM by Kate Messner?  Absolutely!


*PRETTY CROOKED by Elisa Ludwig (Mar. 13)
It's a little like Robin Hood (Which I just told you I love) and a little like Ally Carter's HEIST SOCIETY, all mixed up into a story of its own.  I just snagged a copy on NetGalley and I'm excited to read this!

*SPIRIT'S PRINCESS by Esther Friesner (Apr. 24)
Esther Friesner has written tons of stuff.  I know her best for her YA series on Troy and Egypt.  Now, she's taking on Japan, which is a country dear to my heart, having lived there for two years.  And doesn't the girl on the cover look FIERCE?

*ENCHANTED by Alethea Kontis (May 8)
This book sounds FABULOUS and the cover is awesome!  I love books that read like fairy tales while still being unique books of their own! This is another one I hope to read ASAP.

*WAKING STORMS by Sarah Porter (July 3)
I can't believe I have this ARC *now* when the book doesn't come out until July.  I adored LOST VOICES and think the summary for WAKING STORMS sounds even *better.*  I am DYING for this.  This is also a "been trying to fit it in since its arrival" title that I hope to get to in the next couple of weeks!


  1. Awesome list, you have a lot of great books to read this winter!

  2. What a great assortment. What fun you will have.
    Here's my Post

  3. Oh all those sequels! I've left off too many books from my list :) I am really excited for another Shannon Hale too.

  4. I go a little green-monstery over your ARCs, even though I also managed to get my hands on some of them :) I'm still waiting to hear back if I got approved for Scarlet, am very much keeping my fingers crossed!
    And I am SO excited about the Austenland movie!! I loved the book, hope the movie will be amazing as well!
    I also really want to read Winterling, Grave Mercy, Pretty Crooked, Spirit's Princess and Enchanted! :D
    -Daisy @ the Broke and the Bookish

  5. Pandemonium is on my list too. I've been putting off Delirium because I heard there was a cliffhanger. Thankfully I was able to win an ARC so I can read them both ASAP!

    Spellbound and Fever too? I need to read Demonglass, but I really loved Hex Hall. Fever is also on my shelves waiting to be read. Sadly, I'm sure I won't be able to get to it next month.

    About the ARCS- I really want to read Pretty Crooked. I tried requesting that and another for review, but I was denied. Oh well, hopefully you enjoy! :D

    Great list and I love the look of your blog! I'm a new follower. :)

  6. Hmm, or maybe I was already a follower. Lolol, I can never remember. xD Anyways, happy reading! :)

  7. Great list! I cannot wait for Fever! So excited!

    My Top Ten

  8. Isn't it amazing that there is always new amazing reads!!
    Then also I wish that there was a break from awesome books so I could read the ones I have!


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