Rejoice, for I have internet once more!

Isn't that excited? (Well, I think it is...)

What did I miss in the world of books this week? I've already caught up on the movie trailers for THE HUNGER GAMES and MIRROR, MIRROR, but what else happened? Cover reveals, book news, publishing deals, scandals, etc? I see that Blogger has a new updating interface.

My blog feeder does not enjoy going back too far and gets finicky.

Also--and best of all--I see that in my absence, I've hit 300+ followers. I'm really excited, thank you!!! You guys are awesome and to prove how much I love you, a giveaway is coming as soon as I'm back on track. And it's SPECIAL.<3


  1. I've been MIA for a while too, but I've had internet... =)

    I'm coming your way tomorrow! I'm flying into Harrisburg tomorrow night! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    you said you saw the thg trailer? i think you're good! :)


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