Happy Book Day to LIESL AND PO, SON OF NEPTUNE, & EVE!!!

What new releases are you most excited about this week? For me...

Happy Book Birthday to three amazing books this week:

LIESL & PO by Lauren Oliver

I have been DYING to talk to you guys about this book!!! I was going to post my review the last week or the week before, but decided that the cover is going to be EPIC and we'll probably want a live vlog of it in all its incredible glory. So...I'll wait until I can record the cover, but rest assured, it WILL be this week!

THE SON OF NEPTUNE by Rick Riordan
I've wanted to read this one since turning the last page of THE LOST HERO. The latest installment of HEROES OF OLYMPUS answers all my questions and gives me new ones to stew over. Why does THE MARK OF ATHENA's release have to be another year away? :(

EVE by Anna Carey

I had the best of intentions with this one. The ARC was in my Sept. TBR and it just...didn't happen in time. But I hear this book is AMAZING and a solid entry into the dystopian genre. Did I add it back to my Oct. TBR on Saturday? Well, if I didn't, it's on there now!!


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