Cover Crazy is hosted by The Book Worms. Each week, bloggers "admire the art and beauty of a book’s design, so I’m going to post minimal words. It is up to you to write how you feel and what you like about it the way you’d like to."

This week, we not only have a Cover Crazy, but also a brand-new cover that was just revealed TODAY!

Why I Love This Cover:

The design for TIMEPIECE is as awesome and unique as the one for HOURGLASS
was. When the cover was revealed last Tuesday (Monday?) after I had already done my Cover Crazy, I was really sad. It's been really hard holding off on the reveal until today, but I knew it was the Crazy for the week.

I LOVE the way the photographer uses so many of the same things, from the same model with the gorgeous curly hair to the wallpaper, to the way the model is doing something crazy unusual. In HOURGLASS, she was walking on the wall, and this time around, she's hanging onto the door. This chick STILL has no sense of gravity.

Can you say AMAZING? I have yet to read HOURGLASS, sadly. It's actually sitting at my bedside because I planned to read it this weekend for Halloween, and then I made the mistake of picking up INCARNATE and it blew my reading schedule out of the water. It would be lovely to read it soon, though!


(Click image for a gi-normous detailed look!)

Meg Cabot revealed the cover of UNDERWORLD (the second book in her Persephone & Hades trilogy; the first book, ABANDON, released earlier this year and I did a full cover analysis HERE when I reviewed it) on Twitter earlier today.

I think this cover really matches the first quite well. I think the model might even be wearing the same dress, so maybe this is all a part of a whole. Since Hades' arm is reaching out of the ground to bring Persephone down with him, maybe he will make a full appearance on the cover of. Maybe Persephone will be wearing the same dress again and it will be more of a...tableau of images.

I like the way there are still swirls, the way the square image is still down the spine (because I like when my books are matchy-matchy) and the fact that even though the cover is still dark despite being blue instead of black. I can sort of see all the embossing being silver this time around since it was gold on the first book, but we'll have to wait and see!


I'll post the link here when it's live, but check back later for a vlog featuring the love I feel for the cover of THROAT by R.A. Nelson, which I reviewed today on the blog!

What do you think? What cover are you crazy about this week?


  1. Holy I love the cover for Underworld it's so insanely gorgeous! The darkness, swirls, the hand, everything!

  2. I am absolutely in love with the first one - Timepiece. I've GOT to find time to read that series!

    The second one, Underworld, I like, it may be just slightly overdone on the embellishment side, for my tastes, though.

    I wasn't able to view the Throat video. So - no comment.

  3. I absolutely love the cover of Timepiece! It's gorgeous and it captures your interest just as much as Hourglass did. I need to read the first one though!

  4. Cool picks this week! I love the one for Timepiece and how it's similar to Hourglass in that they're both trying to defy gravity or something like that. The ones for Underworld and Throat are really cool, too!

  5. I really love how you did a video that showcases what you loved about the cover and the interior design of the book. Very cool. I don't think that near enough books get inside-book love as well as cover love (well, non-picture books, at least!). Very well done. ;)


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