Breaking News: Rick Riordan announces new Norse Series!

It's not coming until 2015 because, you know, he has to wrap up THE KANE CHRONICLES and HEROES OF OLYMPUS (SON OF NEPTUNE launches tomorrow, bookworms!) first.

Buuuuuuuuuuuut an announcement just broke in The Washington Post AND was mentioned today on the author's blog.

Rick Riordan says that he's been planning his Norse series since before THE LIGHTNING THIEF (the first book in his best-selling PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS series) became published.

I can't wait for more novels from this amazing author, especially since he's said for a WHILE that he's always wanted to do Norse mythology.  I'm also really glad that he's waiting until his other series are done.  He's outlining now and my guess is that he'll either
1) Start writing next year (since the 2012 KANE book is supposed to be the last one) during the time he would have been writing KANE
2) Start doubling up on HEROES books and roll them out twice a year since he's been on a six-month schedule for the past couple of years with HEROES and KANE
3) Go back to a once-a-year schedule because he's realized how intense two books a year can be

We'll just have to wait and see.  But I'm really excited!!


  1. I'm still only on book two of Percy Jackson (reading it with my 7 yr old son). I truly need to catch up.

  2. oooh! this is exciting news for my oldest son, eli! he's read each of the PJ's at least four times, then the red pyramid and the lost hero several times each, and he's currently begging for the son of neptune. he's such a riordan fanboy. :)

  3. yay! Thanks for sharing this on Twitter. I can't wait. How epic is this new series going to be?! Norse mythology + Rick Riordan's genius = bliss

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