BREAKING NEWS: New FINS book from Tera Lynn Childs!!

Rejoice, mermaid fans!!! Tera Lynn Childs, the author of FORGIVE MY FINS and FINS ARE FOREVER, has just announced that there will be a THIRD fins book releasing Summer 2012. The title is still TBA, but I already want it!!! I've been hoping Tera would allow us all to journey back beneath the sea since finishing the second book. I want this, I want this, I WANT THIS.

...Did I mention that I wanted this? Because I so totally do! ^.~


  1. I soooo agree! I just read the first Fins book and then I freaked out for the next one and already read the first 54 pages of it online at and I am trying to get it from the library but they never have it! sigh. But they did have Oh. My. Gods. and Goddess Boot Camp and I already read Sweet Venom. I can't believe she's writing a third book! eeeeeeeeeep! (I am only freaking out a tiny bit). I really need to get my hands on a copy of Fins are Forever... !

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