Book Reveal: PRINCESS ACADEMY sequel coming from Shannon Hale in 2012!

I was so excited when I saw Shannon Hale reveal one of her Super Secret Projects on her blog the other day, but didn't have a chance to get on here and spread the word.

She's been working on a sequel to PRINCESS ACADEMY, her 2006 Newbery Honor title. I own every single book by Hale (and have all but one autographed since I've met her a couple of times now!), but PRINCESS ACADEMY is one of my favorites by her! My other favorite is THE GOOSE GIRL, which does have a few companion novels, so I know that Hale is good at putting out future adventures.

With how long it's taken her to produce--or reveal--a sequel, we know she'll take great care this time around and produce another fantastic story. Even more exciting? The title is publisher Bloomsbury's lead title for the Fall 2012 season! I would love to see cover designer Alison Jay create the cover for this sequel so that it will match all her other illustrated YA hardcover releases. I know there was a lot of FLACK when FOREST BORN debuted with a different cover from the rest of the Bayern books and will be re-released with Alison Jay artwork this fall. *crosses fingers*

Is anyone else as excited about this news as I am?

I have a feeling that Shannon Hale is about to break out in popularity once her adult novel AUSTENLAND hits theaters in 2012!


  1. I know! I was so excited to see this. Can't wait to read all Hale's new stuff!

  2. I know I'm at least as excited as you for this! Shannon Hale is my literary hero! I CANNOT wait for Princess Academy 2 to come out!

  3. I am so glad you posted about this because I had no idea she was working on this!! I LOVED that story and I am so excited now that she's working on a sequel!!


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  5. When does the Princess Academy 2 come out?

    1. Atm, Bloomsbury has set the release date of PALACE OF STONE for August 21st :)

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