Happy Book Birthday, Sarah Beth Durst!

I'm constantly surprised by how many people think DRINK, SLAY, LOVE by Sarah Beth Durst is a debut novel. Because, um, no, it's the FIFTH book from this brilliant novelist. Over the years, I've embraced her as a strong fairy tale writer. I've even reviewed two of her books, ICE and ENCHANTED IVY, on A Backwards Story! Love her, love her, LOVE HER!

Yet throw in a vampire and suddenly, people are clamoring for her. Which is awesome because Sarah = Awesome. I hope everyone out there enjoying her latest book chooses to dive into her amazing backlist as well!

And for those of you like me who aren't fans of vampires...ummmmmmmm.........

1) It's Sarah Beth Durst
2) The vampire gets stabbed in the heart. With a UNICORN horn. And gains a soul (which reminds me a little of the way Angel has a soul in Buffy...)
3) Again, it's Sarah Beth Durst. With a unicorn horn. End game!

Who else but Sarah Beth Durst could get me excited over a vampire novel?

So Happy Book Birthday to DRINK, SLAY, LOVE! May your nights be full of life and your days be spent in blissful darkness!


  1. ohman! i'm soooooooo sick of vampires. but i do love buffy. but... ugh. maybe i'll look at some of her older stories. i love fairtales!

  2. Wow. Someone loves Sarah Durst. :-) I have never heard of her, but then again, I'm not a vampire book enthusiast.


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