Cover Crazy: THE HERO ALWAYS WINS by Robert Eaton

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(Click the cover to zoom in and see a full-size image... With all this detail, you really want to click!!)

Why I Love This Cover:

How GORGEOUS is this cover? Isn't it amazing? When I saw it in The Bookish Brunette's IMM a week ago, I had to wipe away the drool. I wanted to know MORE. It's illustrated...and just stunning. It reflects (no pun intended) the dual nature that seems to be at the heart of this novel. I WANT TO READ THIS. LIKE, NOW. *drool*

First of all, that SETTING! It really sets the scene, from the rocky background to the choppy water. And then that image! Is that a kiss or what? Tongue and all. :) The image in full-focus represents the novel's title: THE HERO ALWAYS WINS. The hero is a big, strong warrior who gets the pretty girl and they live happily ever after, right? He's certainly handsome (love the hair color!) and she's the storybook image of a beautiful heroine (with GORGEOUS jewelry and silky hair that already has me hating her...). So...that should be it, right? The hero won, kissed the pretty girl, and they lived happily ever after.

Only, no. That's not the way it REALLY is. I love when stories are grittier and harder-hitting. The hero DOESN'T always win. He's expected to, but does he? No! I wish more stories went into the duality and didn't just fix things up with a pretty bow and a "then they lived happily ever after" tacked onto the end. Look carefully at the reflection in the water. Something has gone WRONG. The hero isn't living happily ever after...he's either seriously injured or dead...and the pretty girl is crying over his body. I like that while her dress and jewelry remains the same, his black shirt has opened to fully reveal the hero's is now chainmail and tunic. could be that she has magic tears that will fix everything a la Rapunzel and the above image is the "happily ever after," but...then again, maybe not. I have a feeling that there's more that meets the eye here... Either way, this cover makes me want to find out exactly what is going on!! Like, ASAP!

What do you think? What cover are you crazy about this week?


  1. What a striking cover! I love how romantic it is. A bent over kiss in the waves. *sigh* Great pick!

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  2. I was so engrossed into that passionate kiss that I didn't notice the reflection! Haha! Nice cover this week!

  3. The cover is amazing! It's so romantic and somehow reflects the story itself! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. I loved the mirror kinda of thing with the water, very amazing!

    Psique @ Book Travels

  5. This is one of my favorite covers. The duality of the water mirror is so unique, and it piques your interest in the story. The colors are beautiful too. It makes you wonder why the woman is in such a beautiful dress, in the middle of a river. A wonderful illustration!

  6. Thats really nice.. I also have some information

  7. This is a really awesome cover! I noticed right away the strange "reflection" and how everything had changed. If the story goes along with "nothing is as it seems" it should be a great read! Hadn't seen this one before. Thanks for the introduction!


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