With next week’s release of the long-anticipated fall title SWEET VENOM, author Tera Lynn Childs has offered up a Title Hunt for the second book in her trilogy.

What will it be called?

Today, bloggers across the blogosphere will be revealing letters making up SWEET VENOM 2’s *real* title. A Backwards Story is honored to be participating in today’s event!

Go to Tera Lynn Childs’ blog to learn more about the hunt and find out what other bloggers are participating!

If you correctly guess the title, you have the chance to win one of FIVE signed copies of SWEET VENOM and a $50 bookstore gift card. How amazing is that?

And now, the letter you've all been waiting for...

(For those of you with screen readers, that letter was D!!!)

Good luck!!


  1. awww! your "D" is soooo cute! what a clever idea!

  2. Stopping by for the Title Hunt! Thanks so much, and I agree I love the "D"!

  3. Aww, thanks for the comments about my "D!" The font I used is called Kingthings Whizzbang. Kingthings has a lot of fun fonts, actually. I wasn't 100% sure people would know this was a "D," so I did the little ones behind it. That font is Jellyka Castle's Queen. I love the Jellyka fonts, too!!


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