Challenge: Bout of Books!

Thanks to The Violet Hour, I just heard about Bout of Books!

From August 22nd to August 28th, read as many books on your TBR as you can! You can participate even if you're not a blogger! Post your progress on your blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, on GoodReads, etc. There will also be fun CHALLENGES and GIVEAWAYS!!

I'll be posting my progress here, on my Facebook account, and on Twitter @abackwardsstory.

Keep checking back later this week because on Saturday, A Backwards Story will be hosting a challenge! ^.~


*Read the books I was planning to read in the next couple of weeks ANYWAY
*Try to read at least one book each day.
*I won’t even pretend that I’ll be able to review each book as I finish, so I’m not gonna lie, lol!

Books I Intend to Read NOW:

These are the books that are "next" in my reading queue, so I'm hoping to get to some of them this week:

*SIRENZ by Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman (Reading now...AND just found out that the authors will be at PAYA!)
*BOUND BY GUILT by C. J. Darlington (Reading now)
*WITCH SONG by Amber Argyle (Which I should have read earlier this week when Ashley from Books From Bleh to Basically Amazing did)
*JABBERWOCKY by Daniel Coleman (Touring HATTER next week)
*HATTER by Daniel Coleman (For tour next week)
*HADES by Alexandra Adornetto (Review ARC; title debuts next week)
*SHADOWS ON THE MOON by Zoë Marriott (Which I was SUPPOSED to read on my birthday... and which Ashley will now read before me, lol!)
*(Various novels) by Jennifer Echols (Already finished two!)
*HUNTRESS by Malinda Lo (Started, never had time to finish...need to finish so I can do a special GIVEAWAY)
*HOUNDED by Kevin Hearne (Almost started yesterday...)
*BYE FOR NOW by Kathleen Churchyard (Yay to the NetGalley newsletter for a good suggestion!)
*DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver (Re-read...I've challenged readers to read (or re-read) a book by Lauren Oliver!

How many of these will I actually get to THIS week? I'm not sure...! I just found out about PAYA, so now I have twice as much incentive to finish SIRENZ, which I was already reading. Plus, since Amy Holder will be there, I should REALLY get around to THE LIPSTICK LAWS!

How Much Time Do I Have to Devote to This?

Today is my only day off until Saturday, and since I JUST heard about Bout of Books, the day is almost entirely wasted when it comes to reading! And Saturday, I might go to PAYA. So…I don’t have as much time as I would LIKE to read, but a lot of the books I’m planning to read aren’t incredibly long, so I’m hopeful!


  1. Good Luck! Sounds like an intense few days!

  2. I'm doing this one too. But since I'm working 12hr shifts I've modified my goals quite a bit.

  3. YAY! You have a TON of books listed! I would die! haha Good luck! <3

  4. @Dana: I figure I'll be reading anyway, so why not try?

    @Gina: I'll root for you!!! Good luck despite those crazy shifts!!

    @The Violet Hour: I hope to get to at least half of them. Already finished one. Good luck to you, too!!


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