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Hey bookworms! So, er… Now that July’s almost over, maybe I should post that video for my May/June ARCs and review copies that I promised when I posted my last loot post? ^^;;; I didn’t want to put it up in the middle of Splash… I need to get faster at this, no? *blush*


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*ASCENDANT by Diane Peterfreund

(Neither of these titles SHOULD have been ARCs, so if purchasing from used book dealer GreenEarthBooks on sites such as AbeBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. [which also goes by www.thriftbooks.com], be careful! You might want to shoot them an email first to make sure the book is what you think it will be. I was pretty POed, especially because ARCs should never, ever be sold for profit. They’re uncorrected proofs, for one thing, and, um, they say “Not for Sale” all over the place!)

*HALF-BLOOD by Jennifer L. Armentrout (This book was pretty amazing and now that Splash is over, I need to get a You’re Gonna LOVE Me post up for y’all! Look for this one!)

*THE UNBECOMING OF MARA DYER by Michelle Hodkin (I finished this one last night and this one is ALSO getting a You’re Gonna LOVE Me spotlight. OMG, wow!) [Thank you to Grace from Livre De Amour for sending me this fabulous ARC while at BEA!!]

*BETWEEN THE SEA AND SKY by Jaclyn Dolamore [Which is being given away; I’ll either be posting winners tonight or this weekend. Check out my review here. I loved this book!!]

*BREADCRUMBS by Anne Ursu (Reading this one within the next couple of weeks!)

*The Screaming Stone by J.P. Osterman

*WILDEFIRE by Karsten Knight (Won from Martha at Hey, I Want to Read That! Thank you!) [This title actually just released this week and I received a copy for my birthday… I still have to read this one!!!]

*AIRBORNE by Constance Sharper (Look for my Blog Tour Stop with Teen Book Scene in August!)

*WOLF STORM by Dee Garretson

*PROGENY by R.T. Kaelin (Again, check out my Blog Tour Stop with Teen Book Scene in August! I’ve already read this one and really enjoyed it!)


  1. Wow. You got a lot of ARCS. So many great books. I'm so glad you liked the Mara Dryer book. Just got an ARC today I wasn't expecting. The Lia Habel book I wanted came.

  2. Oooh nice books! That sucks about getting ARCs when you thought you were buying finished copies. That happened to me once, only they sent a galley without a pretty cover or anything. I sent it back. I loved Ascendant, but beware the big cliffhanger!

    Breadcrumbs!! I can't wait to read that one. I've heard it's really good and the MC is like a middle grade version of Evie from Paranormalcy. Happy reading :)

    Between the Sea and Sky looks so pretty. I'm also really curious about Half-Blood. I liked the prequel a lot.

  3. @Grace: Over two months! It was so good. Have you read it yet? So glad you got the one you wanted!

    @Small: I know, right? I was SO MAD. *livid* At least they refunded my money (and told me to keep the ARCs), but still! I want to read BREADCRUMBS so badly. It's been hard to wait! I just finished PARANORMALCY, so I'll have to look into that comparison!

    BETWEEN THE SEA AND SKY was so good. And so was HALF-BLOOD!


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