GUEST POST: Misty from The Book Rat reads from DREAMLAND SOCIAL CLUB

For two weeks, come celebrate mermaids, whether it’s winter or summer where you live. Splash into Summer runs from June 28th to July 12th. There will be author interviews, guest posts, giveaways, reviews, and more! Now is the time to celebrate mermaids, especially with so many new novels about them coming out.

Tonight, Misty from The Book Rat has generously done a reading for all you mermaid lovers from recently-released novel DREAMLAND SOCIAL CLUB by Tara Altebrando. This was a book I wanted to get to during Splash, but didn’t get time to read. Misty’s reading makes me want more. How about you? Check out Misty’s blog this coming Saturday for a book review and to hear what she thought.

Misty is an awesome blogger. Those of you who were with me in April for the craziness that was Fairy Tale Fortnight might remember that she hosted—and created—the event. Last month, she did Jane [Austen] in June, and her next major event will be Helluva Halloween in October (Read HEX HALL and DEMONGLASS in Oct., Misty!!!). She’s an awesome blogger AND vlogger!

Misty, thanks for today’s awesome reading!

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