Have you guys seen this hilarious music video spoofing a Britney Spears song and the love triangle that is Katniss/Peeta/Gale? It's HILARIOUS. Peeing-In-Your-Pants-Hysterical. Starring, who else? Katniss and her boys! WARNING: The new lyrics are catchy and you might find yourself singing this song later!

Seriously, check it out:

(A special thanks to Aimee Carter, author of THE GODDESS TEST, for first tweeting about this video!)

Sorry I haven't been around much this week, everyone. I've been working a lot...and writing a LOT in my spare time. Having a good week! I have to get ready for work soon, but I'll try to get something up tonight or tomorrow morning before work.

Also, I'm going to be postponing my review of ABANDON *AGAIN* because I'll have TWO very special reviews on the blog Monday. Or maybe I'll still do it. I don't know. Do you ever feel overwhelmed when one blog has a ton of posts in one day? I sometimes do! I try not to do it to you, though I know sometimes I have a lot going on...


  1. This song is super catchy, and yes, I have been singing it in my head for the past few days :P. Luke and Joey are pretty talented, I think I've watched it about 10 times since they originally posted it.
    It’s good to see The Hunger Games getting so much attention, the series is great and it is well deserved!

    I do agree, sometimes copious amounts of posts in one day from the same blog can be a bit overwhelming. However, in saying this, I sometimes I feel like I’m letting my blog down when I don’t post several times a week.. It’s a delicate balance, just be sure to do what feels right for you :).

  2. This song has been stuck in my head since Aimee tweeted it! Looking forward to your posts :D

  3. This is TOO funny!

    and writing is more important than blogging right? I love you regardless!

    Don't forget to visit Zombie Craze 2011

  4. It was funny, I didn't care for the singers and the autotuning...but I think I laughed more at the old Justin Bieber haircuts more than anything. The lyrics were really good. I happy the Hunger Games is catching fire...pun intended.


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