Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

What do you think? To all the naysayers freaking out because she didn't "look" like Katniss, see what some hair dye and make-up can do? Hollywood listened and heard. Now you have an actress who both looks and acts like our heroine.

...I'm still not convinced that you will ever get me anywhere NEAR this movie b/c I'm convinced it will be a blood-bath, and as I said the other day, I'm super-squeamish, but this is one hot-button issue!


  1. haha We somehow end up posting a lot of the same things :D Loving the first impression of her as Katniss. I can't wait for the movie!

  2. I showed the cast photos to my students today!

    I don't know if it will be as bloody as people expect because they will want to keep the film to a PG13 rating for the majority young audience.

    And if you think of how the book was done... Katniss doesn't actually see most of the tributes get killed, she just sees the projections in the sky.

  3. @Vy: It means we have similar tastes. It's why we follow one another <3 I think she looks GOOD!!

    @Lauren: I don't think it will be overly violent b/c of the PG-13 label. I know how non-violent a lot of the book's how I could get through it. If SC had DESCRIBED that scene w/all the But I also know how violent a PG-13 movie can be before they slap on a R rating, so idk!

  4. I am in love with this, and her, and all the decisions they have made thus far. Woody Harrelson will be PERFECT! And I cannot WAIT for the movie. I will be camped out that night at the theater. I read, write, and watch as many vampires as I can. I kind of like blood baths if they're done correctly. (Not that I encourage them in real life.)


  5. It still hard for me to take her as Katniss. She just does not fulfill the Katniss in my mind. :D

  6. I had no problem when they cast her. It's Peeta I'm worried about! It's going to be PG-13 the director promised it won't too gruesome. I can't wait!


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