Fairy Tales: Coming Soon to a TV Near You, Part II!

Right after I posted my last entry about the upcoming TV series GRIMM on NBC, Brodie (who has an awesome blog you all must go follow here) told me that ABC also has a fairy tale series. This one has a trailer, too, and I already want to see it 100 times more than GRIMM b/c it looks insanely amazing:

OMG, I totally just wet my pants. How about you? (But ABC, don't cancel it like you're about to do to NO ORDINARY FAMILY, all right? One of the few shows I watched this past year...!)

The only thing that REALLY sucks about all this upcoming fairy tale madness? I'm still not ready to query SECRET PROJECT FIZZYPOP and, um, it's a fairy tale. Is this a trend that's going to come and go, and editors/agents will no longer want my book? I have to work harder, faster! And it still might not be out fast enough. I probably should have revised my other fairy tale WIP instead of starting a new one... *le sigh*


  1. Once Upon A Time totally looks more my style! Awesome.

    And good luck with your SECRET PROJECT FIZZYPOP! Surely the world can never have too many fairy tale retellings, after all... :)

  2. Yahhhhhhh I never watch trailers but I watched that one and OH WOW I WANT. I also don't watch TV, hah. Guess that'll be changing this fall! I hope Hulu has it... thanks for sharing this, Bonnie!

  3. @Danya: Me too! This one I connected to so fast and hard. I want it NOW! Definitely more my style of the two. *clings to the luck and thanks you for it* I think we can always use fairy tales, but if we're publishing in trends...*frets*

    @Steph: Isn't this trailer made of amazingsauce? It blew me away. WANTS! I hope you'll be able to see it in China! *crosses fingers* I'm not a huge TV person, but in the fall, TV is trying its hardest to tear me from my books...!

  4. YAY! I'm so glad to have got you excited for this :D I heard about it a few weeks ago and had been waiting for a trailer to be released. I was not disappointed! If I love this show and ABC cancel - I'm grabbing the pitchforks! I've still not recovered from them cancelling Kyle XY on such a huge cliffhanger at the end of season 3 ;(

    Oh and about Dance Academy - I haven't even heard of it!! Which is shameful since it's a local show haha. I will have to check it out!

    I'm very excited about your fairy tale WIP. I hope it all goes well for you! Trends may come and go, but publishers won't pass up an incredible book if it has the wow factor. And if your blog indicates anything, you are a talented writer ;)

  5. This one looks much better than Grimm. I might start watching t.v. again as well, which will probably start a war at my house since my kids hog the t.v. I had to give up Ace of Cakes for Spongebob reruns. Never again!

    Keep us posted as to when these will air. I'll forget, and since I don't watch anything but the news (sometimes) I won't know when they start!

  6. Hmm...This could either way..I could really love it or really hate it, can't wait to see the pilot!


  7. If it's from the writers of Lost, then I'm betting it will get enough buzz to do well!

    (It looks awesome!)


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