Fairy Tales: Coming Soon to a TV Near You!

Have you guys heard about the new fall show NBC just picked up, GRIMM? It's based on a man who is one of the final descendents of the Grimms Brothers. All those tales we grew up with? Yeah, they're true.

I'll have to watch an episode and see what I think. It looks like it might be bloody, but heck, so was BUFFY and I liked that (*gasp* A vampire series I liked...?) ...and this show is from the same producers. If it's not as squicktastic as the first episode of GAME OF THRONES (And really, could anything be? One show I will NOT watch!), I should be able to watch it. I'm, like, REALLY squeamish. To the point where I don't like even reading anything violent. It took me a long time to commit to THE HUNGER GAMES and some of that was too much for me. *shiver*

Here's a trailer; what do you think? (Although, seriously, I hate when trailers give up the plot of the whole movie, or in this case, episode...)

The other big series I'm looking forward to this fall (*please pick it up*) is RINGER with Sarah Michelle Gellar. NBC passed on it, but according to Deadline, the CW will officially unveil picking it up later this week...?

Oh, and SMASH! It's supposed to air on NBC mid-season and be a little like GLEE, only without the cover songs every episode. It reminds me of THE MIRACULOUS YEAR, which HBO declined to pick up this past year (despite the stellar Broadway talent). According to Broadway World (one of my favorite web sites), it's about putting together a Broadway musical and will have original musical. SMASH is just MADE for a Broadway nerd like me. Produced by Steven Spielberg, it will feature music from Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman (Even if you don't know musicals, you probably know of the movie musical HAIRSPRAY, right? Shaiman and Wittman did the music for the original musical on Broadway as well as revising everything for the movie. Their newest musical, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (also based on a movie), is just opening on Broadway this season.

Still waiting to hear news on the supposed musical TV show with Idina Menzel (original Elphaba in WICKED and Maureen in RENT, among other musicals, but you might know her from the movie musical version of RENT where she repeated her role as Maureen or from GLEE, where she played Shelby [Rachel's mother]). The show is supposed to be like GILMORE GIRLS with music. If pulled off, that will be a WINNER!


  1. I'm going to watch GRIMM! Just to see... I loved Supernatural (even if I watched most of the episodes through my fingers). I heard this morning that The Flintstones will be making a comeback in 2013. The creator of Family Guy is doing it. (I don't watch that show, but it seems to be a hit.) From what I heard, it will be the same show but with "modern" twists (like an animal version of the iPad). I think that takes away from the idea of a prehistoric family, but I'm not a t.v. producer.

  2. GRIMM looks so interesting -- thanks for the trailer! (New here - hello. :-)

  3. Woah, that Grimm one sounds like a cool concept but looks totally creepy (I'm super squeamish too, LOL).

  4. I'm really interested in watching Grimm! I was watching trailers of some of the new upcoming shows last night and am crossing my fingers they make it to Aussie tv. Grimm definitely - I just love the idea behind it. I'm also super interested in Terra Nova, Awake (plus the main character is Jason Isaacs! He makes an excellent Lucius Malfoy), Alcatraz and I just watched the trailer for Once Upon A Time (another fairy tale type of show, but very different from Grimm) and it looks great!

    Oh man... I think tv is desperately trying to lure me away from books!

    I hope Grimm doesn't make induce much squeamishness for your sake!

  5. @Flashlight Reader: I never saw SUPERNATURAL. I heard about THE FLINSTONES as well. We'll have to wait and see on that one. SMURFS & MY LITTLE PONY were rebooted as well, but they both creep me out and I won't watch. LOL! I don't know...will they break the heart that makes FLINSTONES beat? *muses*

    @Kiernan: Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here! Thank you so much for finding me! GRIMM is intriguing, isn't it? I'll have to tune in at least once!

    @Danya: I know, it looks creepy. There were a couple of cringe-worthy parts in that trailer. Check out the ONCE UPON A TIME trailer. Looks like it's less squicky! *the squeamish band together*

    @Brodie: I said it on your blog, and I'll say it here: I. LOVE. YOU! I've never heard of ONCE UPON A TIME. I hope the shows will come to Aussie for you! I've never heard of the other shows; will have to look into them! I know, right? TV wants my life...it knows I just want to read!


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