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Why I Love This Cover:

Isn't this series beautiful? I already can't wait to see what the third book in the trilogy will look like! I love the dark, rich colors of the cloak the girl is wearing. They really pop out. They remind me a little of THE PLEDGE by Kimberly Derting, but only because that cover also features a pretty girl in a hooded cloak. They're all such beautiful covers that I needed to find out more about the books lying within--and they're all on my TBR List now!

With the two CLOUD PROPHET TRILOGY books, I love the uniform look of the series. Same fonts, same swirly pattern layered over the image, etc. I also adore the cover model's eyes. Don't they just jump out at you? They're a beautiful amber brown. With the first book, ANATHEMA, I love the way she's looking at you full-on, with nothing to hide, meeting your stare directly. She knows you're looking at her gorgeous cover and admiring it. With the second book, OUBLIETTE, she's tucking away into the cloak. She's hiding; there's danger coming. She doesn't want to be seen. These covers make me want to read this series so very, very badly!

Jensen has the first chapter of ANATHEMA available online here. It was intriguing enough that I hoped over to BN's website and bought a copy for my nook---for only 99¢! What a steal! The book is also available on Kindle and as a paperback. OUBLIETTE is coming out this summer.

Not cover related, but can I mention that I also LOVE the fact that the series is titled THE CLOUD PROPHET TRILOGY? It's not THE ANATHEMA TRILOGY, which is a trend in YA right now. "Let's make a series and name the whole kit-and-kaboodle after the first book. Isn't this a glorious idea?" No, no it's not. That's one thing I appreciated when Ann Aguirre's RAZORLAND became titled ENCLAVE, with the whole series now being called RAZORLAND instead (though I truly miss the RAZORLAND cover, but that's another story...). Plus, don't you want to know what a Cloud Prophet is? I know I do!

Megg Jensen has both a blog and a Twitter account. She seems like such a nice person, and a talented author to boot. I can't wait to read ANATHEMA later this month!

What do you think? What cover are you crazy about this week?


  1. Anathema is AMAZING! I am so looking forward to reading Oubliette. So different that anything I have ever read. And it is a really easy, quick read. Enjoy!

  2. I so NEED to read Anathema! So excited!

  3. I love the dark covers, and her eyes! Even the titles intrigue me.

  4. Oh wow!!
    I love these covers, great picks. They really stand out.

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