Armchair BEA: Nurturing Relationships

Today’s BEA topic is all about giving tips to help others build a stronger blog. I’m not promising to have all the answers. Heck, I’ve only been blogging a year. This is just what has been working for *me* personally.

What do you struggle with when it comes to nurturing relationships between bloggers, publishers, and authors?
Since I’m a writer, I like to talk. A lot. Sometimes, I have to balance between what’s too much, and oftentimes, it becomes too little. I’m learning how to write less because of Twitter, though...! I’m more casual with other bloggers and more formal with authors and publishers because the relationship is more “professional.” It’s hard when there’s easy access via blogs and Twitter, though.

What do you wish someone had told you in the beginning?
To participate more in other activities. At the beginning of the year, I had maybe ten followers. Now I have over a hundred. I still can’t believe that many of you think I have something interesting to say! Hopefully I’ll continue to live up to your expectations... The more you participate in memes or by commenting and forming relationships with other bloggers, the more well-received your blog will be.

How would you like to be approached by a publisher or author who is pitching their book?
I do have a review policy. At times, I’ll get requests to read books that don’t fall into a genre I generally read. Sometimes, the books sound really good, but a lot of the times, I feel bad when I reject them. I like it when the pitch tells me what a book is ABOUT and not just blurbs about how great the book is. I always have to take an extra step and look it up on GoodReads or the author’s blog when this happens.

What are your best tips on working with publishers and authors?
Always walk a line that is both friendly and professional. Publishers and authors are people just like everyone else. Treat them well and you’ll be treated the same way in return. Try not to get starstruck. I’m always over the moon when an author I’ve admired grants me an interview, etc., but I don’t let the stars fall from my eyes when corresponding. Keep it professional, but also light, not stiff.

Who are some bloggers you feel nurture their relationships well?
Everyone I mentioned yesterday, really. I’ve formed relationships with all of the bloggers I featured yesterday because we comment on one another’s post and talk on Twitter or another Messenger program, etc. Find fellow bloggers you really enjoy, ones you click with, ones whose opinions you trust. These will be your best allies in the future.


  1. Twitter Fail... 140 characters is NOT enough space for ME...

  2. I'm with Bookish Brunette - I WISH Twitter could teach me how to write less, because I KNOW I have issues with rambling. But if I need to say more than 140 characters, I post multiple tweets. Nothing can stop me! Buahaha... wait, I probably shouldn't be proud of that.

    Excellent post! I feel bad rejecting requests aswell. I've had a couple where the book is completely out of my comfort zone and I try to say no in the nicest possible way, but I still feel a little guilty :(

  3. Participating in online events is a great way of connecting with other bloggers. That's why I used to join several memes but now I only do In My Mailbox posts from time to time. I think ArmchairBEA is great as well as other blogging events like Bloggiesta and BBAW.

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to @ me on Twitter so I can make sure I'm following you back. :)

    I work at a middle school. I was at the high school last year. I enjoy both and there are different perks to each place.

  5. I can finally post comments. I dont' know if other people had the same trouble, but I couldn't reply to comments on my own blog or other blogs all day. It was nervwrecking and Blogger help is covered with people having the same trouble.


    Great tips. I don't do alot of memes, I may do one a week. Too many and it feels like fluff to me. But I'm slowly getting the hang of twitter. If only they'd give 20 or more characters...that would be lovely. I have rejected a few request because they didn't follow the review policy guidelines. I love participating in the BEA this week and I look forward to joining more. Someone had posted a comment about it on my blog and that's how I found out about it. So I'm glad they shared that information with me.

  6. Great post! I feel the same way about my followers, too. I'm just so excited that people actually want to listen to me! :)

    And I'm definitely feeling you on the rejecting requests. It's so hard to do!

  7. i know. I met a lot of new people at BEA. Got to talk to the Harper Collins Reps and they were so nice. Not to mention Baker and Taylor reps were nice as well. Come check out my recent post at what I got at BEA.

  8. @Bookish Brunette: I know, I'm always writing a few comments on Twitter! Same with texting on my phone!

    @Brodie: Twitter's helping, but I still need multiple comments so far. I ramble a lot, too... I know what you mean about rejections. Definitely the hardest part! Esp. if you might like another book by that author in the future!

    @Chachic: I agree: Online events are really beneficial. And they're fun, too! I only do Cover Crazy and Teaser Tuesdays, plus a couple of my own things that interest me. Any more than that and it's too much! I don't have the patience for IMM, so I just post my loot once a month, lol!

    @Michelle: You're following me back :) But I should @ you a hello! I think I'd like to work in a MS over a HS if I go back into teaching...

    @Lena: Yay! Isn't Blogger being evil? I think it's Internet Explorer, though, because Google Chrome is working for comments... I only do two memes, Cover Crazy (b/c I'm a cover whore) and Teaser Tuesdays (because it's a GREAT way to get others interested). Other than that, I do two of my own features each week and that's it. ANy more and it's overwhelming! I agree, an extra 20 characters would be perfect! I found out about BEA through a fellow blogger as well. I love our blogging community!

  9. @Penelope: I still can't believe there are so many people who think I have something interesting to say! It baffles me! LOL. Yes, rejecting requests is so hard, especially when the author is trying really hard. When it's a form request, I don't feel so bad, though.

    @Grace: I'll just have to get to BEA next year. I'm so jealous of you!


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